Many people’s big nightmare when the heat starts mosquitoes. Because some provoke skin reactions (itchingredness and edema) may cause it to be more sensitive to others. severe swelling and long lasting, although this usually does not require serious reaction risks.


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What is clear is that in the summer demand for repellents increases. But do we know how to apply it after we are equipped with these products in the pharmacy?

This Pharmacists Official Colleges General Assembly give some markers How to use mosquito repellents to effectively protect us bites and does not cause us any poisoning or reaction.

The first thing is to read the instructions. product use. Not everyone has the same composition, and not all of them can be applied in the same way and at all ages. So that should be the first thing we need to be clear about.

How to use mosquito repellent correctly

In addition, and in general, several aspects should be considered:

Certainly, for the smallest, pharmacists note that it is better to use physical barriers. avoid bites (long clothes, mosquito nets…). If repellent is required due to travel or residence, risk of biting too high by the mosquito, the label and product leaflet should be consulted to evaluate which is most suitable.

bracelets to repel bites

One of the ways to avoid bites, repellent bracelets. Some of these bracelets contain biocides in their composition, therefore sanitary leave evaluation of its safety and efficacy by Spanish Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency or by General Directorate of Public Health.

On the market, we can also find another category of bracelets containing non-existent items. biocideslike citronella, its function is aromatic and non-repulsive.

These bracelets are not subject to health assessment and therefore do not have a registration number on their label and not authorized.

That’s exactly why AEMPS providing recommendations for the identification of these products, and correct use.