The USA will strengthen its commercial and technological ties with the European Union

United States of America will try to deepen its commercial and technological cooperation with European Union (EU) against Russia, permitting the imposition of sanctions and measures in retaliation for Russian exports in recent months. Invasion of Ukraine.

An official from the Presidential Administration Joe Biden In a telephone conversation with journalists, he stated that Russia would be the center of attention. a few areas It will be played at the second meeting of the US-EU Trade and Technology Council. (TTC, English) To be held in Paris on Monday.

“You will see that we are talking about supply chains and Russia.and ways to collectively overcome it,” said the source.

In this sense, the US and EU Will maintain “close cooperation” over the past three months to isolate Russia Both in the global economy and in international trade institutions in response to the occupation of Ukraine.

And he noted that both sides continue to cooperate. “addressing trade-distorting policies and applications of non-market economies”.

Source at the conference “a new cooperation framework” will be announced To explore issues related to “information integrity and crises, especially digital platforms”.

In this context, he announced that the USA and EU wanted to focus on the issue. “Misinformation and incorrect informationThat Russia was spreading about the war in Ukraine.

Also, both sides will try to establish a dialogue. “developing answers to global challenges food safety It stems from Russia’s aggression against Ukraine,” he said.

The EU and the US will also announce their plans to create a deal. guide cyber security with good practices for small and medium-sized companies whose businesses have been affected by hacking.

Another of the topics that the meeting will focus on is: problems in semiconductor supply chainswhich is constant during the pandemic.

In this sense, the official confirmed that his country wants to adopt a joint approach with the EU. Avoid disruptions in supply chains.

The source stressed that the meeting will see “common approaches” and technical discussions to create global standards and an alert system to anticipate any “supply chain disruption”.

In addition, the United States hopes to achieve a “transatlantic position” on investments in semiconductors. ensure chain safety (supply) and strengthen ecosystems”.

In short, the aim is to “encourage” these investments in the USA and the EU in a coordinated manner. “without promoting a subsidy race”drew attention to the official.

The source added that they will also announce further exchange of information on exports and “important” technology, and a commitment to develop a joint plan. with assessment tools artificial intelligence “legal” and in risk management.

The first meeting of the TTC took place in Pittsburgh, USA, last September. to consolidate a common front against Chinese.

On behalf of the United States, Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenhead of commerce, Gina Raimondoand the U.S. Trade Representative, katherine colt.

Source: Informacion


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