‘Love scammer’ on trial for selling computer stolen from a woman on Cash Converter

It’s daytime Fabra i Puig promenadein the Barcelona district New Barris. A 44-year-old Catalan woman was walking down the street at around seven o’clock on the morning of July 3, 2018, “two men, dressed dark sweatpantsThey approached from behind and “pulled” the black bag she was carrying on her shoulder and stole it, Prensa Ibérica’s investigation and events channel CASE OPEN learned.

The two thieves escaped with their victims’ bags. Ipad, a laptop from the Toshiba brand worth 1,200 euros and the keys and documents of the house where the woman lived.

changed the lock

The victim reported the incident at the Mossos d’Esquadra police station the same day, but could not provide further details He waited for the investigation to yield results by changing the lock on the door of his apartment, making a statement that would enable the identities of the perpetrators to be identified and arrested.

About a month later, on the morning of August 1, Mossos found some of the loot and took it back. ten kilometers from where the woman was attacked. A 36-year-old man from Barcelona had sold the stolen computer to a second-hand Cash Converter shop in the Barcelona neighborhood. Sants for 380 Euros. was about Albert CavalleHe was known at the time as the ‘love cheater’ after twenty women denounced him for tricking him into giving them money while they were in a romantic relationship.

Magic Market

This Tuesday, Cavalle is charged with a crime in criminal court number 19 in Barcelona. take offense to trade in stolen goods. As OPEN CASE found out, the Prosecution is asking a year and a half in prison. He pleads not guilty. He had nothing to do with the theft and did not know the two criminals who carried out it, and even he himself didn’t know the computer was stolen.

Cavalle, represented by attorney David Sansstates that he bought the laptop a few days before selling it again. Encants Market in Plaza de Las Gloriaswhere it has already acquired on other occasions, TV and wireless speaker Although he doesn’t remember the price at which he bought the bluetooth and computer, he said it wasn’t “abnormally low” to suspect it might be a stolen object.

Other women’s computers

The defendant, who has a criminal record for fraud, embezzlement, simulating a crime and false complaints, was convicted several times for confiscating computers and other valuables belonging to girls he had cheated on before. In November, the Barcelona Court sentenced him to three and a half years in prison for tricking his first girlfriend into staying with him. 60,000 Euros, a Jeep Cherokee, a laptop, a television and a cell phone.

Cavalle’s criminal career makes a comeback nine years ago. a woman in 2013 gawa (Barcelona), who met him a contact page and she spent one night with him, when she woke up the next morning to report that the scammer had left her and robbed her, taking among other things her computer:The first thing I missed was my laptop.I put it on one of the dining room furniture with the charger; He also bought a cash bag”. Cavalle was fined for theft.

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