As a result of gas poisoning in Asturias, one person, two of whom were children, died and three were seriously injured.

Tragedy in Grado, Asturias. Gas (carbon monoxide) poisoning due to a possible bad burn in La Mata leaves One died and three were seriously injured, including an 11-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy. There was no explosion in the house. There is currently a large distribution in the region. Emergency services, members of the Civil Guard, and Asturias firefighters went there. Three mobile intensive care units from SAMU went to the scene to assist those affected.

After the toilets were opened, there were dramatic moments when the neighborhood felt uneasy. they struggled to stabilize the wounded and at least one of the minors had to be intubated on the spot. Finally, the three injured were evacuated to HUCA with three ambulances and respiratory support.

where the event took place single family home It is located in La Mata, in the La Granja district., the Cubia river was once crossed through the town of Grado. There is a family consisting of a married couple and two children. Father Eduardo S., one of the two parents, was the fatal victim, while the other three members of the family – the mother, CLA-F. and two children, ESL, 9 years old and ASL, 11 years old – have been very serious from inhalation of carbon monoxide. They had to be intubated to be transferred to HUCA, where they were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

This time the alarm sound was given by family relatives. they didn’t show up for the appointment they had this morning. They went to look for them in their homes, where they found the immense tragedy that gripped the neighborhood and the entire region with their hearts in their mouths.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas produced as a result of weak combustion and is also hidden because it is not perceived by any senses.

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