remove moisture in our house can often become a very complex task, especially mold. And when it occurs mold at homeThis is because the room is not well ventilated and therefore has serious problems. ventilation and isolation moisture. Mold is a fungus, specifically a microorganism with over 100,000 different species. All molds It is a group of mycelium that manifests itself in different colors and shapes, such as red, black, blue, green and gray, depending on the species. But there is different tricks and methods for remove moisture and mold.


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In addition dehumidifierFound in many people’s homes, this ingredient can also be useful for removing moisture, but different types of indoor plants can also be used. begonia. This moisture often found in ours wardrobe. This is our Clothes impregnated with bad smells, forcing us to wash again.

Many people are not aware of all that it takes deodorize moisture in cabinet It is a very common product that people often underestimate. about sea ​​salt thanks to its features, absorb moisture and so we could prevent mold effective and dehumidify the house.

All we have to do is take a bowl and pour sea salt into it and place it in the dampest parts of the house. Obviously, it will need to be emptied and refilled with more salt after a maximum of five days, to maintain its effectiveness against moisture.

It can also naturally absorb unpleasant odors. However, it is important to evaluate whether the excess moisture in the house is caused by water leaks and to make regular checks.

This sea ​​salt also can be placed in the closetin a corner or on top where there is no risk of falling and spilling.

Like this, salt will absorb the accumulated moisturehowever, we should always make sure that the clothes we are wearing are dry before putting them away.