their labor cleaning they are always one arduous and demanding job and of course, we don’t want to do too much. But during these times it is very important to clean and, above all, disinfect your home. One of the tasks that can give us the most headaches is how to do it. brush them floor. Polishing them is difficult, getting the shine we want can be complicated but not impossible.


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Here we tell you how to do it. With a mix you make floorand more marblethey are like new and use a product that will last a lifetime: Beltran type soap. The most important thing when using this type of product is to find the perfect ratio so that when diluted with water it is not too thick, on the contrary, it is useless not to add enough. The exact measure is one liter of water per tablespoon. Beltran soap.

When the mixture is ready, add it after mixing until it is completely dissolved. a jet of water to brush. Vacuum the floor thoroughly and scrub all the rooms in the house with this miraculous product and you will see results. Instant clean and shine.

We recommend using this trick at least once every three days, so your floors are always clean.

More cleaning tips

In our decorating section we always upload tips and advice to make cleaning your home a less difficult task. We make recommendations for your cleaning. shutters outsidequickly disinfected toilet or clear oven in five minutes.

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