One dead and three injured in a deliberately investigated outrage in Malaga.

died at the age of 23 this past dawn and others three people were injured you toon pass Malaga deliberately sought after, as confirmed by police sources. one of the victims 20 year old young womanalready happened parole After being observed in the Regional Hospital Emergency Service and the other two men followed this afternoon medical Centerwith one of these broken leg what requirements surgical intervention as indicated by health resources.

Sources close to the case they attribute anger to fighting occurred before between two groups in the VIP area of ​​a nightclub moved away from the field and then continued outside the organization. ORNeither party got into the vehicle. and he would go looking for the other group intending to strain his limbs. The sources added that the deadly victim living in the eastern region had nothing to do with the two groups or the melee. Homicide is looking for the driver of a vehicle. White Volkswagen Golf with damage to the front area. Researchers have already security camera footage.

Occurred on the date of the incident 06:35When the emergency department gets the first multiple calls from witnesses a warning that Several pedestrians run over on Isaac Peral street and several others were injured, apparently seriously, as one of them was unconscious.

The coordinated center quickly mobilized the Public Emergencies Company (EPES), the National Police Unit, the Local Police and the Civil Guard. The toilets of 061 have been replaced they could do nothing to save the life of one of the young menwho died at the scene of the accident. the other three people A 20-year-old woman, a 25-year-old man, and another youth, whose age has not been disclosed, were evacuated to the Regional Hospital..

Source: Informacion


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