In the United States, they began to predict the movements of the enemy in the wars of the future 12:31

The Pentagon announced the search for solutions that will make it possible to predict the actions of the enemy in future military conflicts, transmits RT with a link to the relevant document. The Bureau turned to experts who would offer their opinion on this matter. In particular, developments should make it possible to predict vulnerabilities in the opposing side’s defense.

“Future warfare promises to be a hyperactive, interactively complex battlefield characterized by the use of robotic and autonomous systems, stray smart arsenals, thousands of semi-autonomous objects, short-range point defenses,” the Pentagon said.

According to experts, in order to survive during the modern conflict, the parties will constantly reorganize and evolve.

Sabrina Singh, former Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson statedHe said that the United States could spend more than $6 billion on arms supplies to Ukraine. This opportunity, he said, was given to Washington by recalculating the estimate of military aid to Kiev.

Source: Gazeta


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