Protests to defend abortion rights in the US

“Motherhood isn’t forced, it’s by choice.” “We will not retreat.” The messages were painted on a green umbrella by Sheryl, a 61-year-old woman. Like tens of thousands of people around you He took to the streets in the United States this Saturday in New York City with his wife Charlie and 17-year-old son Cole. 380 demonstrations, marches and protests gathered around the country defending the right to abortion.

According to the latest leak of a sketch, it’s the first major national show of rejecting what’s to come.The decision of the conservative majority of the Supreme Court it will end with this 49 years of constitutional protection precedent For abortion that formed the ‘Roe v Wade’ resolution in 1973 and endorsed ‘Casey v Planned Parenthood’ in 1992. If this decision is approved, will return regulation to the states Abortion will be immediately or rapidly banned or severely restricted in at least 26 Republican-controlled states.

“This is a threatening, a war. started culture war. Now There is an American Taliban” reassures Sheryl, who regrets the mishap and recalls the case of her great-grandmother Dora, a German immigrant who had five children and died trying to have an abortion on her own. It also underlines that the apparent decision of the Supreme Court did not respond to the case. feel the majority Americans, a claim supported by polls. According to the Pew Center and Gallup, Between 61% and 78% what the respondents said arguing that abortion is legal in all cases or with some limitations.

“Show, donate and vote”

On the streets of New York this Saturday “anger”, “anger” and determination of resistance. “We will never stop fighting”says Jasmine, a 25-year-old black woman, admitting she was not surprised, although she did not expect a sentence as the Supreme Court had predicted. And even though she says it isdiscouragingShe affirms that “being a mother should be an option” and offers a way forward: “Show, donate and vote for organizations like Planned Parenthood. We are making the change,” he says.

This is the same bet 21-year-old Laila made, as were many of the protesters consulted in New York. frustration with its performance so far.Democratic Party. “We we will mobilize in november”, says the young woman, midterm legislative electionswhere, among other things, it is in danger congress control“But it won’t be for the Democrats, it will be for us. I have absolutely no confidence in them.”

Democrats are part of the problem, they haven’t done their job. they just made empty promises”, he says in New York too Linda Sassouran acquaintance activist She was one of the organizers of the Women’s March in Washington, the day after Donald Trump took office. later reproductive rights It was one of the main concerns of the protesters. And Trump’s election of three Supreme Court justices (Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavannaugh and Amy Coney Barrett), next to Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas According to the bill, the sentence signed by the Supreme Court finally proved that they were right.

Privacy and first change

Since filtering peaceful protests outside the homes of some of these magistrates, as well as against that of the conservative Chief Justice John Roberts. these are meangry republicans, who wants to ban them. Also, by Friday, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki is at the president’s Joe Biden seeks the “respect of the nation”. people’s privacy”. “Judges should be able to do their job without thinking about their profession. personal security” he tweeted.

For some protesters in New York, respect for privacy or “civilization“, and two-faced position of the republicans. “There have been for years people harassing women who go to the clinic They were spat on, physically attacked, blocked for abortions… These protests first change”, argues Jeane Newhouse.

This 70-year-old woman said,worrying”, “have to do this again””, referring to his struggle to get a right that was already about to lose in the 60s and 70s. he warns”it will be worse than before because now they go for everything: birth control pills, ectopic pregnancies, criminalization of women…”. And her husband, John, is what many experts sayThe conservative wave will not stop at abortion: “This is only the first step of what the Supreme Court and the Republican Party will try to do,” he says. “Then will come same-sex marriage, voting rights…”

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