Man accused of murdering his wife in Tenerife is in prison

Order Court No. 4 of Arona, at noon on Saturday 14 May, detention, without communication and bail For Angel Martinez, 83 year old male accused murder of his wifeClotilde Rodriguez in Los Cristianos (Tenerife) last Wednesday afternoon.

The head of the institution in question, Nelson Díaz Frías, told the citizen in question Vigo a. ongoing crime ill-treatment and another murder with aggravating factors such as betrayal (the victim had no choice of defense), kinship (she was the woman’s wife and mother of their daughter) and gender.

According to the information provided by the Canary Islands High Court of Justice, in the next few days the Court in question will be rejected in favor of the Violence Against Women Court of the said jurisdiction south of Tenerife.

As reported by El Día in its digital edition last Thursday, investigators of the National Police South Tenerife Police Station Judicial Police Brigade have gathered information in the field of marriage that provides indications that: Clotilde suffered years of physical and psychological abuse now by the accused.

But as a victim never reported Prior to the security forces, the individual had no police or criminal record of gender-based violence.

Supposedly, last Wednesday afternoon, Ángel Martínez told her several stab wounds his wife is inside the house where they spent their long vacation in Los Cristianos, especially in an apartment near the Nuestra Señora del Carmen church on Los Playeros street.

Source: Informacion


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