In Murcia, a girl was sexually assaulted by two different men in two swimming pools the same summer.

was a girl was sexually assaulted by two different men in the same summer in two pools Murcia. victim, who i had 13 years When there were abuses, she told her mother what happened when she was 15: then they confessed to the judge what they had done.

One of the subjects born in La Alberca is now 63 years old, the other is 28 years old, born in Murcia. Neither had a criminal record, and at the Palace of Justice, both agreed. they touched the girl.

The first abuse occurred in the summer of four years ago, as can be seen from the proven facts of the sentence. building’s communal pool where one of the subjects lives. The minor went there because he was a friend of the family, and this person “take advantage of a few teenagers and kids playing ball, throwing themselves into the pool, catching him by the waist, and then groping breasts, thighs and ass on bikiniThis has been troubling the girl out of the pool, avoiding the man’s closeness ever since.”

In the same summer, the little girl home of some friendly neighbors to bathe in an inflatable pool they owned and one day, the other defendant took advantage of the pool to get in and play when the underage child entered the pool. groping on boobs and assBy disturbing the little boy who came out of the water and went out into the street, taking advantage of the man who opened the door, he said, ‘This is you don’t have to tell your mom because it’s a game.

There was no such trial: a rapport and therefore the sentence is definite. The Murcia County Court sentenced each of the men to prison. two years in prison for the offense of sexual abuse. For three years they will not be able to come closer than a hundred meters from their victims and will have to pay compensation of 1,200 euros per victim. Likewise, they will spend five years in a supervised freedom regime.

However, “this prison sentences are suspended for three years“provided that the aforementioned convicts do not commit crimes again within the same period and their legal responsibilities are paid within the specified time”, details the penalty.

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