Menstrual Loss Controversy | Companies advance in protecting women’s health

This sick leave due to menstrual cramps in womenunder medical prescription A measure that is officially hard to find in Spanish companies. Some have, for example, protocols and healthcare that have a female-specific projection. seats. In others, as the founder and CEO of Calatanian Inginium underlines, sick leave for menstrual pain is not formally included in any kind of agreement or protocol, but is “part of the company culture”, Gina Aran, about your own company.

Inginium is a human resources consultancy employing around twenty people, mostly women. “When the person is sick, he does not come to work.“It’s either because they have the flu or because they have menstrual cramps,” thinks business woman Gina Aran. “And when that happens, they’re not asked to make up for it later, but the truth is, that’s what normally happens,” adds.

Globally, for example sports firm Nike as the first large multinational company to take menstrual sick leave under the labor relations protocol. The truth is, the only thing that the code of conduct (‘code of conduct’) adopted by Nike in November 2020, which takes Nike as an example, reveals that “physical examinations may not be performed”. To verify the eligibility of menstrual leave, which is a benefit required by local law, as is already the case in some countries such as Japan.

Protecting women’s health

In Spain, the clearest precedent is found in some municipalities; Girona, Sabadell or Castellón de la Planathose who have accepted menstrual sick leave for their employees. For the rest, in the absence of clear business examples within and outside the country, those in Spain are practical examples of companies that are specifically considered for women’s particular ailments or ailments.

In seatsFor example, after boot Health and Rehabilitation Center (CARS) In 2017, a voluntary, free and annual gynecology service was started within the company for all women of Seat, Cupra and Volkswagen Group companies in Spain. “This service came to fill an important gap in the industry. women’s health prevention “It’s about men who have historically passed early detection tests for prostate cancer,” he explains. Dr. Patricia Such, Head of Seat health at CARS. In five years of service, more than 2,500 women were treated in more than 6,500 visits; More than 58% did not undergo regular gynecological health check-ups. “Through this program, it has been possible to treat more than 500 previously unknown pathologies, more than 100 of which are premalignant and/or cancerous. Without this service, the impact on the health of affected women would be enormous for their families, the healthcare system and the company”, Dr. such values.

In another automobile factory, Ford Almus CasesA so-called ‘health week’ is planned every year, in which, among other services, a gynecologist attends employees who want to have check-ups. There is also an agreement with IVO (Valencian Institute of Oncology) to provide mammography and cancer control to women over 45 years of age.

Prevention and reconciliation

energetic Naturgy, free gynecological and breast examination, mammography and gynecological ultrasound are offered annually to all female employees. An osteoporosis detection and monitoring campaign is also offered to all premenopausal women. In addition, the physical well-being platform, exercise, dietary advice, mental health, etc., available to employees. It offers women-specific content on topics. In addition, Naturgy offers teleworking options for adapting work stations or rooms for expressing milk during working hours (health care facilities), whether in pregnancy, postpartum or breastfeeding situations.

also energetic Endesa There is an established protocol in which pregnant workers have the right to govern all rights related to medical follow-up and occupational health. In addition to some personal and work-life balance measures, efforts are also made to adapt their functions to the pregnancy situation.

Along the same lines, Mercadona, for example, favors the addition of breastfeeding leave to maternity leave, which in practice allows for a month’s extension of maternity leave.

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