What to see in Alicante in one day?

Alicante is the perfect city to spend a day or two in., because of its climate, the atmosphere of the city, its gastronomy and history. Moreover, to reach Alicante It’s so simple and multiple train and plane connectionsthank you AVE station and Alicante-Elche Airport. is a city where you can spend a day without spending a lot of money, pedestrian friendly and the old town can be perfectly explored on foot without having to walk long distances.

despite Alicante stands out with its beaches, climate and festivals, there is so much to see in the city and without getting bored for a minute. we will tell you What to do in Alicante in a day:

PLANS IN ALICANTE | What to see in Alicante in one day: Facade of Alicante Town Hall

1.- Old Town, Alicante Town Hall and “Cara del Moro”

Wander around the center of Alicante It’s about immersing yourself in the remnants of an unsettling history, so visiting the old town is a great way to get to know the city and we decided to include it on the list”What to do in Alicante in a day?“.

Our one day visit to Alicante will begin with a visit to Alicante. Saint Nicholas Co-CathedralBeginning to be built in 1600, this building is in the Renaissance style and is located in the center of the city. It is a church with a Latin cross plan, in which the portico with two baroque doors dating from the 15th century, the altar and the 45-meter-high blue dome stand out. Below the dome is the Chapel of the Communion, considered one of the finest examples of Spanish Baroque.

In addition, St. Nicholas MonasteryIt can be accessed from Calle Labradores and inside you can admire the small garden and enjoy the pleasant silence of the place contrasting with the hustle and bustle of the streets filled with bars and nightclubs nearby.

PLANS IN ALICANTE | Things to see in Alicante in one day: The Moorish Face of Benacantil

From there we will head towards the main street. Holy Face Square, one of the most beautiful squares in the city and is located behind the Town Hall. If we cross one of the gates, we find ourselves in the middle of the road. Alicante Town Hall Square, an 18th-century baroque building built on the former Casa de la Ciudad by architect Lorenzo Chápuli. You can see ornamental elements such as Solomon’s columns on the façade or on its two towers.

If we continue along Calle Jorge Juan and climb a few steps, Plaza de Santa María, where the Basilica of Santa María is located. This basilica The oldest religious building in the city of Alicante, and dates from the fourteenth century. It is built on the ruins of the main Islamic mosque in Alicante and consists of a single nave, no transept and side chapels between buttresses.

After a fire in the 15th century, the Basilica of Santa María had to be rebuilt, so its facade is crowned with Baroque and two asymmetrical towers built in the 14th and 18th centuries. The cover of this magnificent religious building with the image of the Virgin made by the sculptor Juan Bautista Borja stands out.

Very close to the Basilica of Santa María, you will find a small street (Calle Luzán). Take a perfect photo of the silhouette of Santa Bárbara Castle and the “face of the Moor” cut from profile Mount Benacantil.

PLANS IN ALICANTE | What to see in Alicante in one day: Santa Cruz neighborhood Alex Dominguez

2.- Santa Cruz neighborhood

On the next stop of our day trip to Alicante, we will admire the beauty of the city. Santa Cruz neighborhood, another must-see, because it is one of the most beautiful parts of the city. It is located on the slopes. Mount Benacantil and at the foot of Santa Bárbara Castle.

It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, as it was inhabited by Muslims centuries ago, and is the first known city center in the area: Al-Laqant.

to visit Alicante’s Santa Cruz neighborhood It’s important to wear comfortable shoes and avoid doing it during the hottest hours, as the streets are narrow, steep and full of stairs. But the climb to Barrio de la Santa Cruz is rewarding, because at the top, in addition to panoramic views of the city, is the Ermita de Santa Cruz.

Built on the ruins of a medieval wall, this small temple dates back to the 18th century and has a rather plain and modest appearance.

You will also find the “May Crosses” celebration if you are lucky enough to go to Alicante in May. It’s a festival celebrated every year from May 2-5, when the entire neighborhood is filled with crosses made of flowers.

PLANS IN ALICANTE | Things to see in Alicante in one day: Central Market

3.- Alicante Central Market

This Alicante Central Market Not only because of the number of fruit, vegetable, meat, fish and dessert stalls, it is one of the places that definitely deserves a stop during your visit to the city. The building, which has been operating since 1922, is in Valencian modernist style. bombing in 1938 recognized as one The bloodiest and most indiscriminate air raids to occur during the Spanish Civil War.

A part of this attack, which was carried out by Italian aviation and which killed hundreds of people, can still be seen by Italian aviation during the Spanish Civil War. Inside the market you can see some items left over from that day, for example The clock that stopped at 11:19 at the time of the bombing. or an anti-aircraft alarm that doesn’t sound at all.

PLANS IN ALICANTE | What to see in Alicante in one day: the fiction of Plaza Gabriel Miró OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

4.- Fictions adorning the city of Alicante

From the Central Market we will descend the Rambla to the Portal de Elche, where we will find “some trees from the list that should not be missed.”What to do in Alicante in a day?“. About this Centuries-old fictions adorning the city of Alicante and we can also see it in Plaza Gabriel Miró and Paseo de Canalejas.

This Elche Portal It was built in the middle of the 19th century on the old wall of the Alicante gate. In the past this was called the Plaza de las Horcas (the place chosen to administer justice until 1810). Fortunately, today we will find “only” a nice square with centuries-old fictions and a mansion in the center that imitates one of the four in each corner when this square opens.

PLANS IN ALICANTE | What to see in Alicante in one day: Paseo de la Explanada RAFA ARJONES

5.- Esplanade and Postiguet Beach promenade

Our day trip to Alicante concludes in one of the city’s most emblematic places: Spain Esplanade. it’s a walk It runs parallel to one of the quays in the port of Alicante and on both sides it is bordered by rows of palm trees. The most striking thing about the Esplanade is the floor, as it is decorated with 6,600,000. tricolor marble tiles forming mosaic It has a characteristic design that imitates the waves of the sea.

Also, La Esplanada is a cultural center where concerts are usually held in its “Concha”. Along the walk you’ll find souvenirs from Alicante, with beads, t-shirts and other clothing, and souvenirs at traditional ‘hippie’ stalls. so a A must if you’re in Alicante for a day.

PLANS IN ALICANTE | Things to see in Alicante in one day: Postiguet Beach Manuel R. Sala (@olovideo)

Last stop on our list”What to see in Alicante in one day?“It ends at sea. alicante cityAs in practically the whole province, many beaches, one of the main tourist attractions. In addition, 74 of them were awarded this year. blue flags this gives them the prestige they deserve.

if you are wondering What can you do in Alicante in a day?Visiting Postiguet beach should be on your list yes or yes, there you can walk along the beach, enjoy the Alicante sun or see the imposing Santa Bárbara castle from the sea.

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