Explore Tollos, Alicante’s least inhabited city

route 99 It is a project currently initiated by the Generalitat Valenciana to promote municipalities. population less than 100 In the Valencian community. Currently, there are 24 municipalities on this route. four from Alicante. In them we will be able to learn about their gastronomic and cultural proposals, which reveal all the curiosities hidden in these small and remote places on the territory of Valencia. As with the Camino de Santiago, you can stamp an identity document at each of the towns along the route certifying that you have been there. A Different plan for this weekend in Alicante It might be to visit one of these small towns and discover all its charms.

today’s hero town toll boothsIt is a municipality in the region. comtat who holds the record municipality with the least population in the province, a total of 56 inhabitants. It is located in the Seta river valley. Sierra of Alfaro. To get there, we can walk on a route of about 20 kilometers and more than five hours on foot. There is an ascent from the Sierra de Alfaro and a descent from the Malafi valley. To get there by car, we will first have to take the CV-720 road and then turn to CV-713.

Patron saint festivities are celebrated in honor of San Antonio de Padua and the Virgen del Rosario from July 25. The local economy is mainly based on the service sector (focused on catering and the elderly), although historically the main livelihood is agriculture and livestock. The most abundant fields are olive trees and cherry trees.

What to do in Tolos?

In Tollos, you can have the opportunity to enjoy the culture and the city in different ways:

  • Visit the San Antonio de Padua church. The town’s community is undoubtedly a rather interesting claim, not only because of its antiquity, but also because it was founded on Islamic relics at the time of the reconquest. The bell tower with Serrella in the background is the best sunset in Vall de Seta.
  • Spend the night in a rural house in the area. A great option to get away from the stress of the city is to spend the night in a rural house in the area. It can be a very relaxing experience where you can enjoy a magnificent sunrise.
  • Enjoy its gastronomy. There are two very characteristic dishes in Tollos, the first is mint what is meatball muller, It is a type of ratatouille in which you can add unsalted cod and it is delicious. also highlights Blat’s PotContains shredded wheat instead of rice.
  • To join Trace of Tollos. One of the most spectacular routes for all jogging enthusiasts is the Tollos track. On the other hand, Tollos has been part of the Tour de Spain by bike, and many professional teams train on these roads.

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