Explore Famorca, one of Alicante’s four towns, on Route 99

This Route 99 It is a new route created by Valencian Community encourage visit small cities constituting the geography of Valencia. It consists of: twenty-four Valencian towns less populated. In them we will be able to learn about their cultural and gastronomic offerings, discovering the secrets and virtues that these small and remote places hide. This route is a Identity -similar to that of the Camino de Santiago- can be sealed in each of these municipalities. There are many possibilities to enjoy this route: Route 99 with the family, by motorbike, by bike or on foot. country heart our community.

One of the towns we can explore on this fantastic route is famorka, a small town and municipality with only 45 registered inhabitants. The town is located in: mushroom valleyin the upper basin gorgos river. It is limited to a few towns such as Tollos, Confrides or Beniardá. We will need to use a vehicle to get there, as the only access to the city is through the bridge. CV-720 highwayCombining Marina Alta and Hoya de Alcoy.

Feasts of patron saints are celebrated in the first week of August. San Cayetano. The local economy of the town is mainly based on olive and almond farming, but there are also fruit plantations of cherry, apple or pear trees.


A trip to publicize the value of the smallest towns
Juani Ruz

What to Do in Famorca?

These are the main tourist interests of this population:

  • Cave paintings of Morro del Asdarbalet: It is possible to come across different engravings and examples of schematic cave art that have survived to the present day in the cave located in the Fita valley. These paintings have been declared as a culturally valuable asset.
  • Church of San Cayetano: located at the entrance of the town and declared as an asset of local importance. It is notable for its main altar in honor of San Cayetano and the centennial clock that reaches the bell tower. The clock machine is accessible for us to observe closely.
  • Font Fridge: A circular refrigerator with a well, which we can find in the shadow of La Serrella. Advertised as good local relevance
  • Different hiking trails: as rise L’Anouerfor Font dels Olbis or the way Pla de la Cova.

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