Enjoy a different day touring Benillup, one of the most scenic municipalities in Alicante

a plan different for this weekend and if you want to breathe some fresh air and get away from the city, visit the town. benilup It can be an ideal option. It is one of the four municipalities of Turkey. route 99 located in Alicante. This town of Muslim origin is located in the district of El Comtat and is a ethnological museum or a church declared as immovable property of local importance. To get there we can use the CV-170 road connecting the towns of Benilloba to Planes and the CV-704 from Muro de Alcoy to Benimarfull.

What to Do in Benillup

Could be an ideal plan for Turing Benillup disconnect this weekend. We will tell you about the main attractions of this small town and how to get the most out of your visit.

Municipality of Benillup Juani Ruz

village church, Built and declared in the 16th century Local Availability Featurethe city’s largest emblem high bell tower which can be seen from other places. It is located in the center of the municipality and is an important visit.

A few blocks from the church, this is one of the municipality’s biggest attractions. ethnological museum. It is located in the municipality’s own cultural house, where you can see the exhibitions. most common work objects and used in oil and wine making tasksone of the main economic engines of the city.

You can also enjoy unique views at Benillup. The Travadell perspective is unique in many ways. From there you can observe the nature and beauty of the city. Travadell Valley, Almudaina mountains or municipalities of Beniarrés and Gaianes.

travadell perspective Municipality of Benillup

There are different typical dishes in Benillup as below. most fried figs or shorses. Also typical soupIt is made with chicken, chickpeas, chorizo, potatoes and pumpkin. Finally, a great dessert alternative Soupa kind of pudding traditional dishes made with leftovers from the mona de pascua.

Local festivals at the beginning of August and they are in honor of San Lorenzo and Santa Áugueda. Featured in these festivals activities aspect dance, sports competitions Pilota Valenciana, games etc. Without a doubt, it offers a great catalog of cultural events to be held in the municipality during the week of the festival, which has not been held since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

route 99

Route 99 was born as a project of the Generalitat Valenciana. 24 municipalities of the Community of Valencia with less than 100 inhabitants. There are four towns on this route in the province of Alicante: Famorca, Tollos, Benillup and Benimassot. In them, we will be able to get to know their gastronomy and culture, revealing all the curiosities hidden in these small and remote places on the territory of Valencia. In each of the towns along the way, as on the Camino de Santiago you can stamp an identity document proving you’re there. Visiting one of these locations can be a great alternative. spend the weekend and discover these very interesting towns where you can go. add routes and excursions within the province.

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