Picard and the swan song by Q

all mysteries second season Picard problem solved. In the last part of the series that came to the screen in Spain with good or bad Amazon PrimeThe cards are laid on the table and we finally learn what Q’s secret plan is. almighty character He has accompanied the crew of the legendary Star Trek captain since its inception and returned to say goodbye. These ten episodes are plagued by little moments meant to hit the fan’s heart directly and activate their trekkiest instincts. It goes without saying that there are a lot of spoilers in this article about the conclusion of this new installment of the galactic series’ most twilight series. Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Q (John de Lancie) realizing that this will definitely be the last time I see them on screen.

The character Q debuted in the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and was a recurring supporting character throughout the series. He belonged to an advanced type of almost omnipotent beings, Q ContinuityThe one who can change reality with a click of a finger. These powers despised Humanity. They viewed humans as a pathetic subspecies and judged them by the accumulation of atrocities they had committed throughout their history. Q’s favorite pastime was occasionally walking down the street. business misbehaving and torturing the crew and their captain. Statements that the inhabitants of Earth are no longer connected to their dark pasts and have evolved into the utopian future they dreamed of. gene Roddenberry. From time to time Q would come to reassure him. we are nothing but a bunch of barbarians. In the final installment of the series, the supreme character puts the crew of the Enterprise to a final test in three simultaneous timelines. a magnificent ending The final touch to the series in 1994.

In the second season of Picard, Q returns to the life of his old rival, putting him to a new final test and preventing a timeline change that threatens to transform the Earth. in a fascist dictatorship. As the character says in the first episode of this new episode, “the trial never ends,” and so the cast moves to Los Angeles in the not-too-distant 2024. It gives the impression that time travel could be an excuse to cut costs. of a shoot that started in the middle of the outbreak of the pandemic. After being in the 21st century for a very long time for some of us, it turns out that everything in Q is a game. Release a repressed memory of Picard’s childhood and that he is the one who rejects the possibility of being happy. It’s a gift before we say goodbye because the core of the whole story is that Q dies. Even gods have an expiration date. In the heartwarming scene where he bids farewell to Picard and the two embrace, the once omnipotent being gets rid of all the arrogance of the past and confesses how much he has always admired him. It was Q who activated the Federation. borg radar, the series’ other big villains, and there seems to be a radical change for themselves. Time travel helped the Borg become an ally of the Federation and learn to value the benefits of individuality. When Q engaged the Enterprise with the Borg in season two of The Next Generation, he did so in the belief that sooner or later people would have a primitive response to an unknown threat. Finally, after this new arc in the Picard series, even that test flew by. The Borg are our friends and resistance in vain.

Season two brought us back Brent Spinning Machinewho seems to have forgotten the good Data to play the bad versions Soong family, to which android’s creator belongs. The series has associated this ancestor of robotic genius with the creation of another classic villain of the series, Khan (played by the actor). Ricardo Montalban Y Benedict Cumberbatch). The connection between the work of this scientist and the emergence and onset of these genetically enhanced supermen eugenic warsappears to be more of a fan greeting than a possible plot for the third episode of the series. Another of the most anticipated moments was his reappearance. dude Goldberg Like Guinnan. It’s a little shorter than we’d like, but that’s a touch of nostalgic staple.

The first season saw us attend the farewell between Picard and the tragically lost android Data in the movie Star Trek Nemesis. It looked like they would eventually resurrect us, but no. In the second, we join the swan song between the captain and Q. I know it has revolutionized a large part of the fandom because I know we will be announced for a third season. Return of Star Trek The Next Generation cast, Picard’s crew on the Enterprise who gave us such a good time in the ’80s and ’90s But given the background, I can’t help but wonder, but what are you idiots happy about? If Q’s farewell almost made me cry, I don’t even want to think about what the writers have in store for us next year. After all, in the rival series (Star Wars), the sequels served to see the legendary heroes of the original trilogy die. I don’t think we will see everyone die, but I dare to guess that we will have significant losses.

PS: We said goodbye to season four of Star Trek Discovery a few weeks ago, and the trekies premieres are overlapping. With Discovery still airing, Picard’s second season has kicked off, and now, just in the week it wraps up, the long-awaited Star Trek Strange New Worlds starring Christopher Pike has arrived. Spain. ParamountTV Although he is in no rush to come here, he wants to broadcast these dramas on his new platform. And the philosophy is that you either see it on my platform or you don’t see it anywhere. As a result of this pass over, It’s up to us fans to bite our nails and say thank you for enjoying the second season of Picard on Amazon Prime.

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