CVC successfully placed financing bonds in LaLiga Impulso

Through LaLiga Impulso, CVC has secured the €1.994 million it has pledged to inject into the entire Spanish professional football, and to this end, the investment firm has contributed €1,200 million from the funds it manages, completing the operation with a further 850 million banks. Financing through loans with Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse, which the fund finally launched in the bond market this Friday to optimize cost.

According to sources in London, despite the higher-than-normal interest rates, uncertainty and inflation in the stock markets resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, CVC successfully issued 850 million worth of bonds today to bolster its investments in LaLiga Impulso. market. The market’s interest in the potential of Spanish competition and clubs and good ratings from Moody’s and Fitch, Baa3 and BB were decisive in the rankings.

This change in the financing structure designed by CVC, which aims to improve the financing cost of the three banks involved in the operation for CVC, does not affect in any way the insured, guaranteed and covered LaLiga Impulso, LaLiga or clubs. terms accepted and signed, sealed in the contract whose terms led to the creation of LaLiga Group International.

The first 400m euros were paid in January 2022 and the schedule agreed by the LaLiga assembly is for the remaining money to arrive in June 2022, 2023 and 2024.

In fact, most teams are already announcing investment plans and in many cases have used some of the resources to replace existing debt or increase salary caps.

LaLiga Impulso has become the main lever that competition wants to take the next step in terms of business, especially after the heavy blow of the pandemic. That same week, LaLiga presented a report that indicated clubs’ turnover had begun a “condensed” recovery in 2022-2023. Depreciations for freezing the transfer. The target is for the total turnover next season to be around 5,000 million euros.

Source: Informacion


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