a swimming pool Not available to all or all pockets. The most common option is to live in an urbanization and have a community pool, and those luckier with a large plot of land can own their own, whether underground or portable.


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If you don’t have the option to have a community pool and your budget doesn’t allow you to have an in-ground pool or a steel pool, you have the option of getting one. swimming pool tubular.

What is a tubular pool?

It is a removable plastic pool. As we mentioned they are not as strong or durable as steel ones as they are made of plastic so they are more likely to be punctured. Before placing a pool with these characteristics in a pool terrace or roof You should read the instructions for each model very well to know if it’s possible to place them. Their main advantage is that they are much easier to install than steel ones, and, of course, more. economic.

You will find these among the tube pool models. round and rectangular. In general, the latter are better suited for swimming, but you won’t be doing many laps either, considering that they’re usually not taller than 10 meters (at most), so the round ones are a more comfortable option and take up less space if you want to cool off and let the kids play domain.

Cheap pools in Leroy Merlin

You have a lot of tubular pools at the reform and decoration giant, but now we will talk about the cheapest. The first is a round removable pool with a diameter of 244 cm and a height of 51. Three layers of high quality PVC-polyester and a capacity of 1,828 books. Includes drain plug with garden hose connection and price €88.99.

LEROY MERLIN SWIMMING POOLS | Three inexpensive models of pools with removable tubing LEROY MERLIN

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The second model we found has larger dimensions, as its diameter is 305 cm and its height is 76. It has a storage capacity of 4,485 liters and also a drain plug. The exterior is gray and the interior simulates the tile of a swimming pool. Costs 135 euros.

The latest model is rectangular and has a capacity of 3,300 liters. It measures 201x66x300 cm (width x height x length) and includes a cartridge filter purification plant (1,249 l/h). Costs 159 euros.