US Defense Secretary calls on Russia to ceasefire in Ukraine

United States Secretary of Defense, Lloyd AustinHe asked his Russian colleague this Friday, Sergey Shoigua “urgent” ceasefire Ukraine, At the first meeting between the two since February 18, days before Moscow began the invasion.

In a brief statement, a spokesperson for the Department of Defense United States of AmericaJohn Kirby detailed that Austin also highlighted to Shoigu: the “importance” of keeping communication channels open.

The Pentagon chief claimed in their last meeting: “Decline” of tensions in UkraineFor Washington, this passed for the withdrawal of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border.

Less than a week later, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putinordered the start of the offensive in the ever-detached Ukraine more than 3,000 dead, According to United Nations figures. So far, six million Ukrainians have been refugees and eight internally displaced as a result of the conflict.

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