It’s time to think that heat and we want to protect ourselves from high temperatures. Finding a nice shade, a drink and a dip can be three great ideas for this summer. If you have young children, you will know that going to the beach and the pool may be their favorite plan, but if you do not have the means to go to the beach or do not want to go to the pool. , you can choose to build your own home.


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  • Leroy Merlin pools: three removable models for less than 160 euros

  • These are Decathlon’s best selling removable pools

A garden or a large terrace can be the best place to place an inflatable pool where they can have fun and have a good time. And like everything else, you no longer have to settle for the typical round and simple models, you now have authentic theme parks converted into swimming pools where fun is guaranteed.

Decathlon inflatable pools

on the website decathlon We’ve found a few models that will delight the little ones and are guaranteed to have fun all summer long. They lack detail or slide.

A water games center with slides is one of the inflatable pools sold by this large sports center. It has two pools in the shape of a crocodile and connected by a slide with a padded bottom. The pools have a capacity of 180 and 132 liters and are recommended for 3 years old and above. It measures 323 cm long x 175 cm wide x 74 cm high, supports up to 81 kilos and costs. 52.95 €.

INFLATABLE POOL | Three Decathlon models with slides for kids decathlon

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If your kid is passionate about dinosaurs, you have the INTEX dinosaur inflatable pool. It has a slide, six bouncing balls, and a waterfall-like water fountain. It has a water capacity of 272 liters, is recommended for children over the age of three and supports a maximum weight of 80 kilograms. Its dimensions are 249x191x109 cm and the price is. 57.95 €.

Rainbow pool and the two will be together. Each of the pools holds 175 and 206 liters of water and includes slides and spray belts. Also includes six play balls, four inflatable rings and patches. It measures 135x193x297 cm, supports a maximum of 81 kilos and can be used by children over the age of two. It’s available on Decathlon’s website for the following price: €69.95.