Tourist who died by jumping off a cliff in Mallorca drowned, not crashed

The 31-year-old Dutch national who died while jumping off a cliff in the Malgrats Islands (Majorca) on Thursday did not die as a result of the rocks, but drowned. strong effect smashed his arm and affected his hip, however, these injuries were not fatal. This was determined by the autopsy performed on Friday morning. Palma Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Forensic report found water into the victim’s lungs This will prove that. the man would inhale it as he passed out in the sea after a violent crash against the rocks. Again, brutal accident after falling from height 25 meters wouldn’t have killed him, however under the water she knocked him down senselessly. He was already dead when his body was recovered from the bottom of the sea.

The event has occurred A quarter to two on Thursday afternoon. 31 year old Dutch touristarrived at the Malgrats Islands marine reserve on a boat with his partner and young son. Then the man began to practice climbing. His partner recorded the moment on video. it seems heImages retransmitted ‘in stream’ to a platform.

When the man reached the top of the cliff raised his arms. Almost no running He threw himself into the void, intending to reach the sea. Dutch tourist misjudged the distance and violently crashed into the rocks. brutal accident bounced it and projected before unconsciously submerging in water.

A special emergency device He immediately took action to recover the body. cash Civil Guard They moved a patrol boat Maritime Service and divers Special Underwater Activities Group (GEAS) Also a ship of the armed institute Sea rescue appeared in place.

The victim’s body was found by divers. about 15 meters deep. He had already passed away and was confirmed dead. The autopsy determined that He got into the water alive, but died lying unconscious at the bottom.

this thursday A particularly fateful day in Mallorca. Just hours before the Dutch man’s death in Malgrats, a 34-year-old British tourist died after falling from the seventh floor of the South Beach Hotel in Magaluf. This is the first death from a ‘balcony’ on the island in 2022.

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