In some cases, we’ve already told you about this. removable pools These infrastructures, which you can install on your terrace or garden to cool off this summer, have many advantages, because you can have them built and dismantled whenever you want in every hot month, and they also have a purification system to keep them clean at all times.


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you are available plastic, Wood or steel and with different colors and finishes to better match your decoration. But if this is not exactly what you are looking for, you can decide on an inflatable pool. There are many models and sizes that can be adapted to your home, and of course at many prices.

inflatable pools at Decathlon

on the website decathlon we found many and very different models with different features. The simplest inflatable pool we have found is the removable 305×61 centimeters Intex brand. It has a capacity of 3,077 liters, fits three people over the age of 6 and can be set up in 10 minutes. Although it does not include a purifier, it has the necessary connections if you want to install it. has a price 55 euros.

If you want the pool to contain a cartridge filter, you also have a model with a flow rate of 1,250 liters/hour. It is slightly smaller than the previous one, measuring 244×61 centimeters and a volume of 1,942 liters. It fits two adults and is easy to assemble. Costs 79.95 €.

From here you have several models with a clarifier that vary in size and therefore in price. Even if you are looking for a different design, you can also buy an inflatable pool with a filtration pump and a cartridge filter that imitates rattan from the Bestway brand. It measures 396×84 centimeters and costs 129 euros.

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Finally, the most expensive model of them all is also the largest. Intex Easy Set 457×122 cm inflatable pool with a water capacity of 14,141 liters. It has a 3,785 liter/hour cartridge treatment plant and Hydro Technology aeration system that improves the purity and quality of the water. This model includes tapestry, cover and safety ladder for pools with maximum heights. 122 centimeters.

With all this variety of pools, you no longer have an excuse to get one and chill out with your family and friends without leaving the house.