This dogs and human beings have maintained very close relations throughout history. And it is dogs For his work, he has always been and continues to be the heroes of our rural environment. hunting dogswork on farms, grazing and the protection of the countryside and their homes, but these dog jobs will be held with new animal law and they will retire at age seven. What many people don’t know is, hunting dogs They are also excellent pets and excellent life companions.

As we know, hundreds of dog breeds are different and each has its own history, characteristics, morphology and characteristics and hunting dog breeds they are not different. And although some people believe it’s supposedly hunting dogs They should not be considered pets, the truth is that most of these breeds are excellent as pets, we will tell you what they are. best hunting dog breeds to keep at home.

Hunting dog breeds: Weimaraner

The most loyal hunting dog, the Weimaraner

This Weimaraner is one hunting dog breeds The most magnificent for beauty and grace. It is a large animal that can weigh up to 28 kg and is characterized by its short and shiny silver-gray hair. This Weimaraner It is one of the tallest breeds. buyers and also has a very friendly and familiar character. This weimaraners They are loyal and devoted dogs.

  • Perfect for experienced owners

  • Requires training

  • Enjoy one or two hours of brisk rides

  • Likes to walk an hour or two a day

  • The Weimaraner is a non-hypoallergenic breed.

  • strong-willed guard dog

  • May need training to live with other pets

  • May need education to live with children

It is believed that this hunting dog breedThe name derives from the German Shorthaired Pointer and Bloodhound, coming from the court of Charles Augustus, the Grand Duke of Weimar. At the beginning of the 17th century, a dog very similar to the Weimaraner was already the star of a Van Dyke canvas. Until the end of the 19th century, these dogs were used to hunt large game wolves, deer, cougars and bears.

Hunting Dog Breeds: Labrador

The most familiar hunting dog Labrador

This Labrador he is the one hunting dogs It is most common as a pet. It belongs to the hunting dog breed. hunting dog familyThey have a strong build (they can weigh up to 30 kg), their head is broad and their hair is short and dense. Of course you already know this, but Labradors are ideal dogs to live with, they are very obedient animals and are ideal companions for children.

  • Breed suitable for inexperienced owners

  • Basic education is needed

  • Enjoys brisk walks for one or two hours a day

  • The Labrador is a non-hypoallergenic breed.

  • Expressive and barking dog that usually does not have a protective character

  • It is a family dog ​​that gets along well with other pets.

This hunting dog breed Already in the 17th century it was used to transport fishing nets off the coast of Newfoundland. When they arrived in Great Britain in the 19th century, and their beauty captivated the British, who were not afraid to buy them from fishermen. Shortly after, this breed, then known as San Juan Water Dogs, was adapted for hunting with shotguns.

Hunting dog breeds: Beagle

Beagle, a restless hunting dog breed

This beagle he is the one hunting dogs more sympathetic and daring. short, dense fur, beagle they are ready to withstand extreme climates and usually weigh around 11 kg. Normally the Beagle is generally good-natured and gets along well with children and most dogs, but cats need to be cared for. Also, this breed is ideal as a guard dog.

  • Ideal breed for owners with some experience

  • Requires significant effort in education

  • Likes active walks

  • The Beagle is a non-hypoallergenic breed.

  • Dog that barks a lot and is familiar

  • May need training to live with other pets

To behunting dog anchor It hasn’t always been called that. And until the 16th century, these dogs, bred to hunt rabbits and hares, were known as Begles, meaning big mouth in French, referring to their love of barking. These hounds are descended from a small dog known as the Foxhound, the Harrier, and the Kerry Beagle.

Hunting Dog Breeds: Pointer

Pointer, a very tame hunting dog

This pointers is another hunting dog breeds more homemade. These dogs, which can weigh up to 25 kg, are affectionate, intelligent and obedient, although they need good training. Pointers are muscular and graceful dogs with short, smooth coats that are very soft.

  • This breed of dog requires an owner with some experience.

  • need education

  • likes brisk walks

  • The Pointer is a non-hypoallergenic breed.

  • Calm and familiar dog

  • Requires training to live with other pets

The pointers are believed to come from the Burgos or continental retriever. The origin of these hunting dogs is unclear, but what is known is that it dates back to the 17th century when the British used this breed to show hunters where the prey was, hence the name.

Hunting Dog Breeds: Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a hunting dog breed with a big heart.

This Irish setter another good example hunting dog breed familiar. And despite its large size (30 kg), this animal with long mahogany hair has a big heart. It is a well-balanced and graceful animal with smooth and silky fur that, when properly raised, socialized and trained, is an extremely sweet and affectionate pet with its family.

  • The perfect dog for inexperienced owners

  • needs some training

  • Likes brisk walks for more than two hours a day

  • The Irish Setter is a non-hypoallergenic breed.

  • Calm and familiar dog

  • May require training to live with other pets

These charming hunting dogs are the oldest of all setters. It is believed to have descended from ancient Scottish spaniels and setters, though their ancestry is uncertain. The Earl of Enniskillen developed a breeding program in 1882 and the Red Setter Club was formed in Dublin, achieving this characteristic straight red hair.