Perfect Scrambled Egg Recipes for Breakfast or Dinner

Eggs are one of the kitchen’s star ingredients, a staple in every pantry. easy to do and ideal for all kinds of recipes, suitable for any time of the day.

The ways to prepare it are innumerable: fried, boiled, whipped, grilled, tortilla… each has its own characteristics and is more suited to the tastes of some people or others.

In the following lines we suggest three egg recipes Here are three more ideal suggestions for dinners that are perfect for your breakfasts and that you can prepare at home without any hassle, to please everyone living near you or your guests.


Avocado toast, salmon and poached egg. Shutterstock

Boiled or poached eggs are a delicious way to prepare this dish and it doesn’t take too long. Submerge the egg in very hot water, but without boiling it. The movement of bubbles and a vinegar squirt it will cause the light to take the right point and coagulate. The preparation time will not exceed a few people. 3-4 minuteswhen ready it can be placed on toast and combined with ham and cheese or avocado, salmon and cherry tomatoes for delicious combinations.

Hard boiled egg with banana and red berries. Shutterstock

A simple and healthy combination that also offers the advantage that you can prepare it the night before. keep it in the fridge to taste directly when you wake up. Boiled eggs, as well as with fruits such as strawberries, cherries, red berries or bananas. cereals with or lightly flavored seedslike chia.

Scrambled eggs with bacon. Shutterstock

A classic that never goes out of style. Simple as hell and as with anything salty, it’s highly customizable. a the strongest breakfastYou can choose to prepare it with bacon, chorizo, chistorra or pancetta without forgetting the classic Serrano or Iberian ham. If you choose one more option instead ‘Light‘, lacón, turkey or york ham may be your best allies.


Omelette. Shutterstock

From the basic French omelet to the elaborate potato omelet range of options valid for occupying the middle of your table at the last meal of the day. Then we can move on to the flavors of each: more or less curd, with or without onions… Kids will love it with hot dogs, chorizo ​​or cheese. And if you want to innovate, try adding the ingredients to your liking.

A slightly more sophisticated and original proposition that can be used for specific occasions. Pica pepper Y onion (or any other vegetable to taste) cut into very small pieces and sofrito Add some garlic and parsley with olive oil and tomatoes pre-ordered. you can add thyme, black pepper or any other spice. Let the mixture cook, stirring occasionally. Make a few holes in the sauce, one for each egg you plan to add, and place well so that they are browned on a not too strong fire. You can add some paprika at the end. You will have a very diverse, delicious and less organized meal with a beautiful presentation.

Omelette. Shutterstock

And again, we finish with a universal, simple and classic that suits every palate. Crack the egg, add it to a pan with very hot olive oil, add a pinch of salt, and that’s it. Allows all kinds of accompaniment: from traditional to traditional fried egg with sausage or with bacon eggs with potatoes and fried tomatoes It will delight the little ones at home by going through the most original options such as curry mushroom accompaniments or Provencal herbs. And if you want to give them a healthier twist, you can grill them or try them in the deep fryer.

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