Ibiza hotels in the face of labor shortage: they offer jobs with rooms

A hotel has many departments (management, reception, reservations, maintenance, security, sales, human resources, administration…) and a few workers to fill them this season Ibiza. It’s the industry’s most recurring problem for weeks, and everything shows that it will continue until the end of summer.

This Manager of a hotel complex located in Portinatx (who does not want to name names) explains that the problem was “so serious” that they had to allocate client rooms to employees. “Starting with the issue of ineligible rentals, contracting becomes particularly complex, so we may choose to only offer accommodation,” he agrees.

In this sense it says They removed a dozen rooms out of the 190 they had to allocate to staff. “And we will continue to remove more in the coming weeks,” he adds. With the economic impact it brings. “They’re casualties, yes, but we can’t provide the service without workers,” he says.

Another problem they face is, lack of competence. “This affects middle and top positions, especially department managers. They don’t work if they’re not experienced people. But what we value most in regular staff is attitude, the rest is learned. That’s what we’re trying to train. Don’t let them leave,” he emphasizes. “If you fire someone who isn’t doing well, nothing happens because they’ll find another job right away. We can’t fire anyone,” he complains.

On your own behalf Es Canar, manager of two hotels in María Peñalva‘ suffocates’ from the situation in which they live. “We are constantly changing staff,” he says. And they said they opened their doors on May 1st. ““Some are already on clearance, others aren’t going past the probationary period because they’re not qualified, and there are those who have a better offer and leave.”Explain.

To alleviate the problem, Peñalva is in one of the hotels they own. ten rooms for staff only. “Depending on the space they have, they can sleep between two and five people. The conditions are not optimal because they have to share the same space and bathroom to sleep,” he explains; that’s why they offer them breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as this opportunity absolutely free (without deducting a percentage from their salary). “This way they have full salary to them‘ he insists.

discontinuous constant

But even this does not attract workers. There are even organizations that start hiring ahead of time in order to have enough professionals during the season, as in the case of a hotel in Sant Antoni Bay. This Human Resources Director Macarena Garcianotes They started hiring people in March. “Normally we open the hotel with intermittent landlines, but this year we have done it with new additions to avoid what is happening now,” he states.

Despite this, they are actively seeking more staff as they cannot guarantee rotations. “His job is to hunt for talent for middle and senior management, but it’s very hard to find him,” he complains. However, he says they bet on younger workers for low positions. In these cases, “it’s the attitude that counts, not the experience. At our hotel, we’re committed to giving opportunities to enthusiastic people who come to the company for dedication and don’t feel superior to others.” Garcia emphasizes.

Just yesterday Hotel Figueretes opened its doors and it did so with half staff. “We can’t afford to be sick because no one covers us”, regret receptionist Marian Cabello.

Only in the morning did he call the four people who sent his CV to the organization. “One told me that if we don’t offer accommodation, nothing happens, another said he had five more interviews and wanted to see the conditions before accepting,” he explains. “This has never happened to us. Leaving a job used to be ‘scary’ and it doesn’t matter now because you quickly find someone else“, Add.

There are 16 additional accommodations for those working in-house, but this year they had to rent a home (seven more) to house the staff on an off-duty basis. “They said they wouldn’t come if they didn’t have a place to live,” she says.

A situation that is repeated in almost all hotels in Ibiza, resulting in less and less information being needed. “We’re lowering the level a lot,” Cabello concludes.

Job offers are repeated every day on the Internet

Again, the internet is the main focus for attracting workers. organizations they submit bids left and right to fill important positionslike a cook or a receptionist. The announcement states, “Hotel Ibiza Playa is making a third staff expansion for a new industry: we are looking for men and women for the position of cook (important as we offer housing),” the announcement.

But the quest goes even further. Staff is needed in almost every department. “Hotel in Sant Antoni Bay is looking for a maid, caretaker and kitchen helper (preferably residing in or around Sant Antoni)”, can be seen in another offer.

There are others who have noticed that they are placing the ad over and over again. “Hotel Náutico Ebeso in ses Figueretes is still looking for staff with up-to-date paperwork and experience in similar positions. We are looking for party manager, buffet and bar waiter”. “Hotel in es Canar urgently wants to place a floor waiter. Papers need to be organized”.

Ads don’t stop. “I am looking for massage therapists to work in hotels in Sant Antoni San Remo, Marco Polo and the Riviera. I work full time, English is valued and must have qualified masseuses.” “The hotel requires a lifeguard, accommodation and catering services are provided. Immediate establishment.”

Although the offers are endless, there are also people who start their direct advertisement without stopping to read what is on the market. “Hello! I live in Puig, work as a butler in a five-star hotel and have also worked as a driver (senior clients). I have training and experience in engineering, MBA and coaching, managing teams of 15. I also have experience as a bartender and bar manager. Also, I have lived in Canada and am bilingual in Spanish and English. I am open to responsibilities and opportunities that allow me to continue to improve myself. Also to do additional work,” this person reports.

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