Spain consumed the natural resources of 2022, 12 May, yesterday.

Spain, on Thursday, May 12, has exhausted all its natural resources available for use throughout 2022, so it went into the red by ending its ecological budget.According to the Global Footprint Network report prepared annually by the international organization Global Footprint Network. The report states that the country’s “ecological deficit” is the day it started, and that from May 12, all natural resources consumed will be “borrowed” for next year’s resources.

According to the report, due to the increase in consumption and demand, Spain will need 2.8 planets to meet its demand for natural resourcesIt had exhausted it all before it reached mid-May.

The average Spaniard’s consumption rate created an ecological deficit of -2.8 global hectares per capita (Hag). This shortfall is due to the fact that the biocapacity per capita (current ecological availability) is around 1.5 Hag, but Spain’s total ecological footprint is 4.3 Hag (our actual demand for natural resources).

Ecological Open Day, by country Carbon footprint

This means that Spain has exhausted its annual ecological budget in the fifth month, and nature is wasting more natural resources than it can reproduce in a year. scientists and conservation organizations such as the WWF, They attributed this gap to the current production and consumption model, among other reasons.This is one of the main causes of the unprecedented climate crisis and the destruction of biodiversity.

Therefore, the WWF It calls for the urgent promotion of a sustainable economic recovery, taking into account the limits of the planet. and taking “urgent and effective” political decisions to gradually delay the day of overcapacity in the coming years, as well as reducing the ecological footprint of humanity. Likewise, it demands genuine commitment from political leaders to the environment and the Sustainable Development Goals.

A tiredness that comes earlier each year

The day Spain exhausted its annual natural resources It advances on the calendar each year. Specifically, in 2022, it was moved 13 days forward compared to 2021, when the ‘ecological open’ day took place on 25 May.

Such a day did not come until May 27 in 2020, May 29 in 2019 and June 11 in 2018. This shows that the ecological pressure of the population in its lands does not stop increasing from year to year, and if things continue like this, it can be predicted that our country will continue to progress on that day when the ‘ecological deficit’ begins. and more.

Looking at the World as a WholeData from the Global Footprint Network organization tracking this phenomenon shows that: In 1970 everything started to go wrong. That year, the ‘ecological open day’ did not take place until 30 December. However, the following year it was the 20th of that month, and in 1973 it was rescheduled to 26 November.

Ecological open day in the world Carbon footprint

In 1979, the annual depletion of natural resources occurred on Earth on October 29 and continued to advance its arrival until it occurred on September 30 in 1996. In 2021, the latest data currently available was on that day, July 29.

This shows Spain is among the countries that consume its annual ecological availability the fastest.

Qatar, Luxembourg, the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Belgium, Denmark and Finland lead the ‘open days’ ranking, meaning countries where annual resource depletion occurs earlier.


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