Game Designers, Programmers, and Artists are some of the roles and departments involved in developing a game. video game. This is the question many students ask with interest, from what is the daily life of the professionals involved in its development to what needs to be done to reach the main companies in the industry, both in Spain and abroad. Professionals working in this discipline or already in the industry who wish to specialize in a particular field or expand their knowledge hand in hand with top professionals. To resolve all these doubts and more, U-tad, University Center for Technology and Digital Art, organized a cycle of free online master classes It will take place between 17-26 May in an online format and can be followed after registration.

Video game design: this is how we did it’Destroy All Humans Remake’. This interesting master class will take place on May 17 at 18:30. Pablo Lafora, Level and Mission Designer at Black Forest Games GmbH, will describe the work that went into making the remake of ‘Destroy All Humans’ from his perspective, 15 years after the original game’s release. game designer and mission designer. It will also address the pros and cons of working with a pre-made IP and story, as well as the challenges of finding a balance between modernizing a game and staying true to the original.

On Tuesday, May 18, at the same time, at 18:30, Arturo Paiva will teach you to ‘enjoy video games with pleasure’. Paiva is the video game animation director at Tequila Works, and during her talk she will review the optimal working methods for an animation team. He will do this from experience working in VFX, film, television and now video games. It will also offer some tricks for keeping up the making of a video game.

We will have to wait a few days to access Mikel Aretxabala’s master class. It will take place on May 24 at 18:30.Video game programming: my experience in the Indies and AAA, The Game Engineer at Playground Games will talk about his experience at U-tad, share tips and anecdotes from the ‘Master in Video Game Programming’. With the video game ‘Greyfall’, which emerged during his university years, he will also review the reasons that pushed him and his team to continue. Finally, he will talk about his experience and advice to anyone dreaming of entering their dream studio, as well as transitioning into AAA studio jobs.

Javier Mombiela, Level and Game Designer at Digital Sun Games, will be speaking on May 25 at 6:30 PM. some of the challenges, questions and everyday decisions of video game designers. To do this, Javier will talk about his own experience, from his decision to study video game design to his current job, going through the process of looking for a job and entering the industry.

Marcos Ramos continues with ‘The golden triangle: what it takes to enter and grow in the video game industry’ on May 26 at 6:30 PM. In this Art Director Master Class from Shapefarm, you’ll explore three key qualities art directors look for in concept artists when recruiting for video game teams.

Daniel Pastor closes the loop like this: ‘The important thing is the concept’ lesson that will take place on May 31 at 18:30. the keys to building clear and solid foundations that guarantee a slightly less fussy production. Pastor started his career in the industry at Electronic Arts in 2005. As a Lead Localization QA Tester and Production Assistant, he has participated in series like The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Burnout from this or that profile. He currently works as a Senior Game Producer at Lingo Kids, a studio dedicated to bringing the Play Learning concept to the little ones at home. Remember, you can follow the ones you want to join by signing up on the middle page.