Flooded and attacked by artillery fire: Kherson’s double martyrdom

If war is a scenario where tragedy and irony are intertwined, herson this is their main theater. in the same street, rescue boats They throw themselves into the race to avoid it. russian artillery A Soviet cannon from the other side of the river, city ​​liberation. 79 years have passed since the last defeat of the Nazis. Russian aggression just a few minutes. It doesn’t matter if the Ukraine attack happens at another point on the front or thousands of civilians are stuck in their homes due to the flooding. Detonation of the Nova Kakhovka dam. HE Kremlin unforgiving and lasts two days shoot to kill

“Damn Russians! Sometimes I think this war can only end. conquer moscowshouts at Dima, a retired soldier. Armed Forces of Ukraine Kim came to Kherson this week. Her plan: recover her apartment’s belongings and memories. A few feet away from him, women like Irina keep a close eye on each boat in case the next person rescued is family members.

Around 600 square kilometers flooded both sides of the river dnieper river and it is assumed that 40,000 people may be affected. Reports on the side controlled by Moscow are particularly important. Entire counties flooded.

There, ‘Z’ soldiers wait at ‘checkpoints’, preventing rescuers from reaching the most critical areas. “They’re afraid of saboteurs. They suspect everybody,” explains one volunteer named Yaroslav. Yevheniy told something similar after arriving from Ankara this Thursday. Zaporizhia Jump with friends and a few boats to help. He got stuck between the water and the peephole of the Russian soldiers. He remained unconnected, giving the coordinates over the phone. “it was like hell‘, he would confess hours later.

No to invasion, no to evacuation

If Kherson was a movie, it would be called ‘Flood’. But this does not matter to many residents of the capital. water exceeded five and a half meters highIt starts to go down, albeit little by little. There are rooftops, traffic lights, gas cans, and the occasional signage here. A woman from the edge of an apartment said, “I am occupied, I am not afraid of water. I will not move as long as there are cans and bread.” On a hill. They’re lucky because they’re one of the few people who can get down and walk into the parking lot. Neighbors also greet the army and volunteers roaming the streets of Kherson with a smile. “Go further, maybe there’s someone who wants to move in.”

The reactions of 69-year-old Víctor were astonishing as he flew down from an airplane. rescue boator that of Valentyna, 90, who finally cried inconsolably on the floor. Her dog drowned in the backyard of his house.

Who blew up the dam?

About who broke the dam, yes there is consensus in Kherson city. While there is no conclusive evidence, all indications point to Moscow. According to a report by Nosar, a Norwegian foundation that collects information on seismic movements, an earthquake-prone activity was detected at 02:54 local time on Tuesday. explosion indicators. The hour coincides with the first warnings of dam failure. At the same time, the Ukrainian media, Russian Army would destroy others smaller reservoirs in the Zaporozhye region.

ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelensky had been warning of the possible for months. russian sabotage and chairman of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilovalso members Russian 205th Motor Rifle Brigade They were responsible for mining the reservoir.

An act of doubt Who benefits most? will stay Crimea no access to water? Will the river level thwart Ukraine’s attacks on the entire continent? dnieper? Will you let the Russians free their troops for a while to focus on the southern front? These and others geopolitical considerations They are far from Kherson streets. Especially in banks for evacuation.

“Good thing there wasn’t a storm,” snores Darik, one of the many civilian volunteers who took action to help. “Actually,” he corrected himself, “thank goodness it’s summer. In winter… they’re all dead. Frozen underwater.” He sings of Kherson, who was flooded as gunners hit the city, after jumping from the boat he was passing. Even his fleeing to avoid Russian fire does not change his tone. There is more than 15 months of war in Ukraine’s only regional capital that has suffered its combined trauma. occupation, persecution, torture and bombing.

If war is a mirror, in Kherson why russian disaster. It happens in sports, in life and in Ukraine. Defeats, though confirmed at the last minute, happen long before the final explosion.

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