Night air defense worked in the Belgorod region, there is destruction, Shebekino is under fire 07:02

Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov reported in his own article the events that took place that night in the Belgorod region. telegraph channel. Thus, air defense worked at night over Belgorod and the Belgorod region. After the bombing, damage was done to an apartment and private houses in Razumny. In the morning, Gladkov promised to begin a door-to-door tour. Experts will fix the destruction. “We will try to start the restoration quickly,” the official wrote.

Gladkov added that Shebekino was bombed a lot at night, and the housing stock was destroyed. Due to the frequent shelling, the authorities do not have the opportunity to conduct inspections here.

“But as soon as it’s finished, we’ll start reinstating housing and returning residents home from day one,” said Gladkov. He added that he talked a lot with the resettled people. People, he said, miss their homes and apartments. Authorities promise to send them back home when it’s safe.

During the night, 3 people were injured, 2 of them were hospitalized.

Earlier it was reported that the husband of the head of the Istra urban district is Tatyana Vitusheva. dead June 5, when repelling the attack of sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in the Belgorod region. We are talking about Vladimir Kuznetsov, Colonel of the Guards Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, regimental commander.

Source: Gazeta


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