Europe’s largest cocaine lab was run from La Finca, where celebrities like Iker Casillas and Cristina Pedroche live.

Images released after the police operation Largest cocaine lab established in Europe unite the cartels Mexicans and Colombians with Two narcos from the Canary IslandsA basque country scrap metala secret house In the village of Cotobade (Pontevedra)) and a luxury home La Finca urbanizationin the suburbs of Madrid where they live most famous and football players per square meter.

In this report, OPEN CASE, the investigation and events channel of Prensa Ibérica, restructures the investigation of the National Police Central Narcotics Brigade and the National Court’s Drug Enforcement Prosecutor into ten months of work and still unknown issues. what cartel anyone cartels they were behind the project that turned a house in a Galician village into a drug lab. More typical of the Colombian jungle.

Escobar, Miami.

Central Brigade agents watched for weeks Hernando Sanchez Reybrother of an old acquaintance, Germán, nickname braids. “This is a major narcotic, he was a link. Mad a kind of barrier successor pablo escobar, He cites sources from the fight against drugs” who are serving his sentence in the United States.

braidscurrently in prison, “in Bogotá he worked with cartels, with important people; in Madrid, He was with Miamialways with very strong people.” His brother, who had been investigated several times, was still free. La Finca urbanizationOn the outskirts of Madrid, more than one Spain’s most luxurious. Footballers love Cristiano RonaldoFernando Torres and they live famously Paloma Cuevas, Alejandro Sanz and David Bustamanteamong others.

The leader of the organization in Spain lived among celebrities in La Finca. Since he had no known job, the police were spending about 15,000 euros a month watching him.

The value of a house on the estate is between four and twenty million euros. An apartment starting from 900.000 Euro. There, surrounded by celebrities and football players, his brother braids to wear “luxury life” no known work and expenses about 15,000 Euros per month, according to the sources of the incident. Agents of the Central Narcotics Brigade, to investigate the case in this special area with private security and go unnoticed, rapport with the environment.

Some days the cops Disguised as Amazon couriers or other delivery companies. At night they acted like rich neighbors. Hit, they drove luxury cars seized from other drug dealers in police operations.

Connection with the Canary Islands

her brother braidsnow in prison by order of the National Court, he never traveled to see the court. cocaine lab That they set up in a forest very close to a river, in a village in Cerdedo-Cotobade, Pontevedra. The owner of the house, a Venezuelan national, stated that he sold the house to a company a year ago and had nothing to do with what happened thereafter. The fact is that one of those detained in the police operation your daughter’s partner. It is one of the Canary narcos. “They probably saw that it was the right place to set up the lab. It was very close to Portugal and about 150 kilometers from Portugal. Leixoes portwhere to dump the camouflaged cocaine,” sources in the case explain.

Two narcotics residing in the neighborhood gran canary island They were old acquaintances from the Central Narcotics Brigade. Unpretentious, low-profile discreet people. One of them had a reform company. Taking advantage of the owner’s personal relationship with his daughter, they chose the Galician chalet to set up the laboratory. The drug came in a camouflaged machine in such a complex way that members of the organization took three days to open. the machine actually stone crusher It’s full of cocaine. Police experts later used 14 more hours to open another.

basque scrap dealer

New one flow in drug trafficking bring the sole paste to Europe, Build laboratories in the area where it will be sold, not cocaine. The initiative in Galicia is the largest known to date. In this case, “Colombians will manage the logistics of the laboratory and a Funded by Mexican group and also the machine to hide it,” police sources explain. The machine came to Spain on behalf of one person. basque scrap metal company. The machine would be used as scrap when the drug hit the market. Nothing goes to waste.

Inside the laboratory in the Galician village, all chefs Those tasked with turning the paste into drugs to sell were out of touch. They work there, they live there, they don’t leave the house, some – all men – dare to hang out of the window and smoke. In that secret lab in the forest He only has a cell phone notary, the person in charge of documenting that everything is going well. The rest had to leave their phones in a rented flat in the center of Pontevedra, very close to the courts.

Cooks use precursors to turn base paste into drugs, cut and accelerate cocaine production. cylindrical devicesinside known as slang MartiansThere were seven of them on the Galician ship. Before spring, the laboratory is already at full capacity.

Father’s Day

Researchers a Minibus from a well-known company Ship and cargo transport to Galicia. Today is Father’s Day, March 19th. The driver had removed the GPS from the van because they couldn’t follow him, so agents cut off the Nacional VI at the San Rafael box office (Segovia). a large crowd of citizens those returning to the capital after spending a few days away. There were boxes filled with styrofoam in the van. one hundred pounds of cocaine.

That same night, the police enter the laboratory in the Galician forest. They complete ten months of work and arrest the canaries, the Basque businessman, the cooks and his brother in his luxury home in Madrid. braids. They prevented the establishment of Europe’s largest cocaine laboratory in Spain with a production capacity of approx. two hundred kilos of coke current.

They also prevented it from being thrown into the nearby river. approximately 24 thousand liters of chemical product as ether and sulfuric acid they will create deadly pollution and kill vegetation and fauna

to get better 1,300 kilos of basic paste cocaine and 24,000 liters of chemical intermediates to cook it and turn it into drugs. they find others fifty kilos of coke marked with superman logoThe signature of the cartel that owns the drug is a kind of quality seal for the customer, where they guarantee its origin and quality.

Source: Informacion


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