A father condemns possible parental abduction of his daughter, who has been out of school in Madrid for 17 days

A father condemned solitary confinement and possible its removal daughter 6 years old by mother, He strongly begs to be contacted with her and she continues her lessons as she has not been to school for 17 days.

To Juan Manuel Márquez on the 5th was the Colegio Santa María del Carmen, located exactly in Madrid’s La Concepción district. her daughter Carla, like her brother, who was the son of another relative of her mother, had not attended class for 10 days.The complainant told Europa Press.

Juan Manuel is currently lives on the island for work Tenerife, She separated from her daughter’s mother in 2018, but since then they have not made the separation or divorce official, so as there is no provision, the custody of the little girl is held by both parents, but the girl lives with her mother and lives with her sister. this is the new couple

After being informed by the school that will initiate the truancy complaint, Juan Manuel tried to contact his ex-wife and his daughter’s grandmother, but without success. Therefore, he condemned what happened on the 5th of the Civil Guard barracks in Candelaria, Tenerife, and his agents were unable to contact this woman and handed the case over to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.

The father also contacted the hairdresser where his ex-wife works and could not find her either., fears that for this he left Madrid with his new partner and children. There is even a sign in this establishment that says “They were absent for a few days due to personal reasons”. The woman’s social networks have been inactive for several weeks.

Given this situation, Juan Manuel will travel to Madrid next week to meet with his lawyer and will ask the authorities to take action to find the little girl. In addition, the association was contacted. SOS Disappeared, launched a public alert this afternoon in search of Carla, a 6-year-old girl who is 1.20 meters tall with thin skin, brown and wavy hair, and brown eyes.

If there is any clue or sight of the lost, phones 112 (Emergency), 061 (Civil Security), 091 (National Police) or on phones activated by the search association for missing persons (642 650 775 and 649 952 957).

Another case in April

At the end of April there was another assumption Parental abduction case in the Madrid area. A man reported that his two-year-old daughter was abducted by her mother, who took her to Colombia without warning.

The 28-year-old Romanian father filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office about these events. Collado Villalba Civil Guard barracks, He reported that his ex-wife and little girl’s mother took him to his hometown on April 20, and his whereabouts have not been known since. Agents have already confirmed that the girl is fine.

The National Center for the Disappeared and several charities, 20. Collado lived in Villalba. He is 75 cm tall, slim, with long brown hair and brown eyes.

Source: Informacion


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