Eurovision: Shiver

It is the first year that La 1 has presented the Eurovision semi-finals. Strategy question. Nor will we criticize one of the few bets the New Company has made hard. Benidorm Fest has come to stay and after the initial discussion, “Chanelazo” gave a lot to talk about.

If the semi-final viewers are modest, there’s no need to worry. They will at least double the numbers from when they were given on the second channel. In any case, the fault lies with the program. Spain is different and Eurovision starts very early for a country like ours. What does it have to do with starting at nine and ending at eleven, the hour when television’s best time begins? On the other hand, vertigo numbers and golden minutes are coming during the voting and these will be the final.

You should not forget one fact. In 1984, when José María Calviño ran TVE, in addition to not broadcasting the semi-finals, he sent Eurovision to UHF. how they read. Some may remember. The festival was aired at the same time as the weekly Newscast and Report went on the air on La Primera and went on for several years. But now, who would say, it’s back renewed and turned into an event.

With all due respect to Ukraine and our Chanel, I keep thinking like when I had the opportunity to listen to all the songs. The best is the Italian Brividi, defended by Mahmood and Blanco. It can be translated as chills, but every language brings untranslatable nuances. We haven’t heard such a beautiful song since Salvador Sobral sang Amar pelos dois five years ago. The song that won at San Remo set the bar high.

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