Monegal’s critique: “Tell me, Mr. Turull, who’s at the beginning of this game?”

Given the exciting staff of the new management togetherwho took part Laura Borras and Jordi Turull, both dispersed their appearances on TV-3 to explain how the top command of this match remained and who it fell to. Miss Borràs chose the night of the program ‘Month 324’. Mr. Turull’s brilliant ‘matinees’ ‘in the morning’. your session Laura Borras I want to highlight that moment of your interviewer. Xavier Grasetwhen asked with deep admiration at that moment the “balance between pragmatism and radicalism” that would determine the internal dynamics of this party. Ah! The art of balance is essential in a political formation, this is indisputable.

The great Pinito del Oro, queen of the trapeze, has been admiring the whole world for decades, as she kept her balance as she hovered, while her partner Juan de la Fuente remained below, holding her ladder on the sand. if he may need it in a time of danger. In other words, the flying artist was Pinito, and Juan provided safety as a runway assistant. This memory came to mind because Laura Borràs said exactly this about her: New balance with Turull on Junts dome: “It is not bicephalic. In bicephaly, one looks to one side and the other to the other, and it turns out that you are not moving! Ah! It is a clear warning: the artist is the artist, the other supports the ladder from the circus sawdust from below..

Jordi Turull’s ‘matinee’ with Lídia Heredia it was also a session with very bright iridescence. Especially when Lídia tried to explain whether it was balance or imbalance: “But tell me, who is responsible for this game? Who breaks the bond when there are inconsistencies? And Turull immediately replied: “Too many two, too two! Tots dos anirem a l’una’!”. Then he added a very interesting detail. He said: “We concentrated on the compass. The compass tells us where the game should go.”. Ah! The compass is a high-precision mechanism. They say the Chinese invented it in the second century. But it was very unsuccessful. Any metal made him stupid. Until the extremely reliable gyroscope was invented. Those of the Junts can be calm. Always point north. Let’s play Waterloo.

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