Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kharkiv pushes Russian troops to the border

it’s not just about that Kyiv. Kharkov, second city Ukraine, one of the cities most affected by the destruction experienced in the first stages of the Russian occupation, is starting to breathe. This ukrainian counterattack not just push in this area occupation troops back towards the border, a kilometer quarantine north, but also back and helplines your enemy is now within range of Kyiv artillery.

This bloating symptoms well visible in the center of the city, here cafes Y restaurants, After confirming that it is, they begin to open their doors to their customers very carefully. front line away from the urban area. All day long, cars they roam without fear cobbled streets from the center and barely register weather alerts. It has nothing to do with what happened in mid-March, when most explosions and airplane roar flying in the sky was steady. “Yes, things are better, but I’m not bringing my family back from Germany.truce‘, admits Oleg, a security guard, hotel establishment.

This Ukrainian military commanders they unleashed the reins of enthusiasm in their recent war parties, while declaring the “liberation” of the new populations in this region. “The occupying forces went on the defensive to slow the advance of our troops. pytomnic released,” reported the armed forces of that country. A military source went further and assured Reuters that Ukrainian soldiers were only a few kilometers from the border. This proximity took effect immediately.

local authorities of Belgorod, first major russian city After crossing the border, they reported that an area was being bombarded. small population He left his land on the other side of the border, causing the death of one person. “The withdrawal of Russian troops from the area is a tacit admission of the Russian inability to capture key cities.” Notes the Institute for War Studies (ISW).

Considering the improvement war situation, the city begins to focus its attention on the problems posed by the attack among the civilian population who did not flee. local information portal encrypted 15,000 The number of underground neighbors of the metro and urged local authorities to return to work as soon as possible to start working again. Mobility in the city.

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