‘Oliver’s Universe’: Waiting for Halley’s Comet

‘Oliver’s Universe’

interpreters Ruben Fulgencio, Maria Leon, Pedro Casablanc

Year 2021

premiere May 13, 2022


After several films and videos about Enrique Bunbury’s musical career, as well as documentaries about Camarón de la Isla and David Bisbal, Alexis Morante leaps into fiction feature film with a story that accumulates too many clichés and tries to give them a polish of originality on the one hand and fantasy on the other.

Oliver of the Title an introverted teenager whose existence is mediated by his fatherHis grandfather, who doesn’t have a job and doesn’t do much to find a job, doesn’t interact with his son, and lives in a fantasy world similar to the young man’s, watches the stars every night. They nickname him ‘El Majara’ unless his behavior is clarified.

In the story, they emerge as the only one trying to restore order, in addition to Oliver’s long-suffering mother. a familiar world destroyedan overly typical set of characters from which the director came out He talks about racism, diversity, unemployment, evictions, defaults, first love, school conflicts, drug trafficking, corruption

Too many organized items Passage of Halley’s Comet -the action takes place in 1985, shortly before the comet in question was sighted-and a brilliant talisman that allows the protagonist to escape as much as he can from a complex reality that begins with a humorous sequence and sometimes develops tragically. key.

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