A woman with a knife scares customers of a central restaurant in Ibiza.

Late yesterday afternoon, shortly before 9:30 pm, a violent incident occurred at a central restaurant in Ibiza.

National Police tipped off A 24-year-old woman was inside Burger King with a knife in her hand. and in a very offensive manner, as usual at that time, this hamburger restaurant in the port of Ibiza was packed with customers, many of them underage, threatening some people in the establishment.

Two of those involved were former acquaintances of the Police, a couple, Diario de Ibiza learned from eyewitnesses and police sources close to the investigation. often wanders around central Ibiza and this often causes controversy.

Apparently, the man left a mobile charger for a friend, as confirmed by the National Police. Seeing this inside his workplace, he approached with his partner to ask him to return it, but he refused. According to the National Police, the woman, who was “in a state of high irritability” and was also known for her aggression, then decided to pull a knife and threaten her partner’s acquaintances with a threat. very violent attitude.

At least two teams of police went to the scene and when they entered the building they found the situation endangered many customers.

According to eyewitnesses, the agents repeatedly ordered the woman to throw the knife to the ground, but the woman ignored the police’s demands and continued to wave her menacingly. At this point a the agent decided to draw his gun to discourage him from giving up on his attitude. She immediately threw the knife on the table, said that she still recognized her boyfriend with his index finger and threatened to slit his throat and lay on the floor.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the young woman threatened her boyfriend to go out on the street, saying that her boyfriend would cut her, according to the National Police.

The woman, who was arrested for the crime of threatening, was referred to the Investigation Court as a guard.

Source: Informacion


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