Rents are at record level in 11 provinces in the province

This inflation reaches the market rent your house. This revival of demand post pandemic, supply reduction refusal of existing or owners to bear the loss in their income purchasing power The increase in the CPI in the last year triggered the average price of the houses offered in the province.

Specifically, according to the latest data on the portal idealistThe average price per square meter was realized last April 7.8 € -about 624 euros for a house of 80 meters- so 10% more than a year ago. In this way, until 11 out of 28 big municipalities The domain where the web presents data is already historical peaks most of them registered before the pandemic.

This, for example, provincial capitalwhere the average rent reaches 8 euros per square meter, 9.4% more than a year ago and above the previous record of 7.7 euros for the third month in a row, which was reached at the very moment of the emergence of Covid.

House offer at a real estate agent in Benidorm. David’s Revenge

City BenidormAlthough short-term rentals are not counted, they are already reaching an average of 10 euros per square meter or neighboring film, here the square meter is already indicated at 10.9 euros, which means a monthly rent of 872 euros for an apartment of 80 meters. Same price paid at the same time moraira, one of the towns where rent is more expensive than ever before, according to the statistics of the aforementioned portal. In the second, the annual increase reached almost 27.1%.

Xabia, 9.6 Euro per meter has already been paid; Calp with 8.7 Euros; the area of ​​Cala de la Vila with 8.5; Santa Pola with 8 Euros; or Torrevieja, other tourist towns that broke records for 7.3 euros, but they are not the only ones.

Prices also exceed all previous records elche, yes, rents are still more affordable than on the coast, after an increase of 6% last year, with an average of 5.9 euros per metre. On your own behalf alcohol After staying at 5.6 euros, up 13.1% last year – just 0.6% down – they are approaching this record.

less stock

Idealista spokesperson is among the reasons explaining these high prices. Francisco Inareta It highlights the reduction in the volume of rentable homes during this time. “During the past year Stock in Alicante city fell 39% the decrease in the whole province is 26%. This process, which is widespread throughout the country, is explained by the hybrid model. telecommunicationThe end of ERTE and return of tourists and students. “The resurgence of tourism in tourist areas has caused many workers in this industry to return two years later and stocks suddenly dwindled,” he said.

We must add to the fact that many owners choose to raise prices, although they do not mention the portal. balancing rising inflation and they do not see their purchasing power decrease. Although the government has accepted a 2% limit—negotiable in the case of smallholders—for updating rents paid by existing tenants, this limit does not affect the initial price for new contracts.

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