This is how the voting system works in Eurovision

This Eurovision Song Contest 2022 this Thursday it celebrates its second semi-final since PalaOlímpico in Turin. 17 countries will compete for 10 tickets for the grand finale on Saturday 14th, a gala where the winner of this edition will be chosen, however,how the winning song and finalists are selected The competition organized by the UER?

Since 2009, the winner and qualifiers of each semi-final are selected as follows: a mixed system where each country’s score is distributed 50% between a professional jury and the audience’s television voteIt resembles the mechanics of the Swedish Melodifestivalen, which has formed two separate votes since 2016. In addition, the voting process in question is audited by an important international audit firm.

Regarding the jury rules, each participating country must form a panel of 5 national professionals connected to the world of music, scenery, choreography and radio. After seeing the second dress rehearsal (also called the ‘Jury Show’) that took place, these experts cast their votes according to criteria set by the EBU. the day before the galaeither semi-finals or finals.

In the semi-final event, Only participating countries and also Big5 countries can vote at each gala (The group consisting of Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom who ranked in the final) was determined randomly. Each year, attendees determine both the qualifiers and which components of the Big5+ Host vote on each of them. After all the points given by the judges and the audience have been added, Top 10 countries with the most votes make the transition, even if they do not announce the scores.

All countries will vote in the grand final on Saturday. Part of the competition with a total of 40 points in 2022. The way points are awarded is quite different from semi-finals, as the voting block has two different phases. First, servers connect with speakers of all participating nations that cast the votes of their professional judges, with a maximum score of 12 points.

After the experts’ assessment is clear, the accumulated score of televote is revealed. Well, call and SMS points of all participants are collected and added to the scoreboardare distributed in reverse order according to the order of the jury, starting from the last.

As a transparency exercise, at the end of the competition, UER publishes the distribution of professional jury and television votes by country and gala on the festival’s official website.

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