a comfortable At home, it solves many space problems you may have. it’s a piece of furniture multidirectional it suits you just as well in your living room as it does in your double room. You want it for the office? It will also help you because it can be an excellent decorative element as well as providing extra storage space.


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Store anything you can think of inside and use its top shelf to place a painting, a beautiful vase or even a beautiful lamp. We can’t think of a piece of furniture where you can play more games and play a big game.

Of course, be very careful what comfortable You choose it to integrate perfectly with your decoration, otherwise you’ll just make it look like a “goop” and get the opposite effect of what you want.

In lidl There is a wide variety of these furniture. Here we are talking about a simple and beautiful rustic white dresser that can fit perfectly into a classic decoration. For a more modern home you can bet this furniture in combined colors: white, black and wood. But if white is your thing, you’ll definitely like these three dressers.

New dressers from Lidl

Now the German giant has once again expanded its chest of drawers and has done so in a much more rustic design, ideal for homes more committed to the Scandinavian style: in an oak tone.

This color is different from all the colors we can see from Lidl and are characterized by having the original brown color with betas imitating oak.

The largest of these dressers has two doors with ample compartments and adjustable shelves, and four large-capacity, smooth-running drawers. They also have chrome-plated handles that add a stylish touch. This piece of furniture is scratch resistant and easy to clean due to its melamine resin coating. This model measures 116x80x35 centimeters and costs 64.99 €.

Lidl dresser | Oak-like finish adds a rustic touch LIDL

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If you prefer a smaller model, you have another one with two drawers and two doors (the smaller one located below the drawers). It measures 80x80x35 cm and costs. 54.99 €.

Finally, the simplest: a chest of four drawers in oak color measuring 40x80x35 cm. You can place it in any corner and you will benefit a lot from it. Costs 52.99 €.