Gasoline and diesel prices rose more than 2%, both set new historical records

This average fuel price It’s up more than 2% this week in Spain and It climbed to new all-time records, although it was limited by the mandatory discount of 20 cents per liter when paying at gas stations by the government.

Special, Average price of one liter of diesel and gasoline increased for the third week in a rowTo consolidate the uptrend after Easter.

According to data from the European Union (EU) Oil Bulletin collected by Europa Press, diesel represents a new historical maximum of 1,911 euros per liter, It rose 2.08%, surpassing 1,872 euros a week ago.

The average price per liter for gasoline also rose for the third week in a row. It hit a new record, up 2.08% to 1,878 euros..

However, these average prices do not include the bonus of at least 20 cents per liter approved by the Spanish Government and implemented since 1 April.

With the bonus app, the average price per liter in the case of petrol will be 1,678 euros and 1,711 euros for diesel, Although these data are not entirely accurate, as there are higher discounts depending on the oil company.

Consolidating another week, diesel to petrol sorpassoby more than three cents, something that hasn’t happened since 2011.

Compared to a year ago, the average price of one liter of gasoline increased by 39.73%, while diesel is 59.38% more expensive, even if the current discount is not taken into account.

oil rise

These prices were recorded amid rising crude over fears of supply shortages following the European Commission’s proposal to ban oil imports from Russia this year. Thus, a benchmark Brent barrel in Europe traded around $105 this Thursday, while American Texas traded above $103.

This fuel price depends on many factorssuch as the specific price (independent of that of oil), the evolution of crude oil, taxes, cost of raw materials and logistics, and gross margins.

In this way, the change in crude oil prices is not transferred directly to gasoline prices, but with a delay.

Despite these levels, The 95 unleaded gasoline price is below the European Union average of 1,903 Euros per liter in Spain, and from the euro area, its average price is 1,978 euros. Something similar happens in the case of diesel, as the price in the EU is 1,905 Euros (in this case Spain is higher, with 1,911 Euros, but without the bonus) and 1,953 Euros in the Eurozone.

Final prices are lower than in peripheral countries because Spain continues to have overall lower financial pressure than the community average, despite VAT, higher taxes and charges on biodiesel.

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