‘A new world’: when everything falls apart

‘New World’

interpreters Vincent Lindon, Sandrine Kiberlain, Anthony Bajon

Year 2021

premiere May 13, 2022


Vincent Lindon Vincent Lindon’s exercises in ‘A New World’, namely strong actor, intuitive, somewhat charismaticOr, he swallows everything in the shot with his point of wisdom in front of the camera from maturity. A much more introverted Lindon than his rage as a firefighter commander in search of his son on the award-winning ‘Titane’. Here, numerous doubts and inner conflicts are channeled and expressed from other aspects of life. gaze, pause and controlled movement.

Lindon in ‘A New World’ an extreme character both at work and in his private life. Everything in this new world threatens to rupture, and with it a leap into a netless abyss. proposal always strong Stephane Brizé There is also a mirror game with reality. sandy kiberlain, Lindon’s ex-wife plays the hero’s wife. She wants a divorce. The selection of the cast always has a point that is interesting to see. a real couple who broke up gives life to a fictional couple who broke up: bits of his own experience, painfully, certainly had some impact on representation.

The film is split between the first scenes with lawyers, marriage scenes often in a car, a visit to their common son in a psychiatric institution, and tense moments at work.

Source: Informacion


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