USA exceeds one million deaths from covid-19

United States of America crossed the barrier of one million deaths this Thursday coronavirus, After the speech of Joe Biden, the president of the North American country “tragic turning point” and “wanted to stand on guard” Pandemic.

“A million empty chairs around the table. Each one is an irreplaceable loss. Each leaves a family, community and nation forever changed by this pandemic. Jill and I pray for each one,” Biden said. Said.

“I understand those of you in mourning wondering how you would go on or what you would do without it. I know the pain of that black hole in the heart. Still. But I also know that your loved ones are never completely gone. They will always be with you.”

Like this, The US president argued that “you have to remember in order to heal” and asked to “do everything possible to save the greatest number of lives”.as it is done with more tests, vaccines and treatments than ever before.

“It’s crucial that Congress preserves these resources for the months ahead. As a reminder, let’s strengthen each other as American brothers. We didn’t give up when we were humble. We can and will. together, as America.” “, settled down.

Source: Informacion


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