Restaurants in Ibiza cut their services in half due to shortage of workers

Mid-May, the tourist campaign continues and most companies Ibiza has not yet managed to complete the templates. And the situation on the island, prices rent exorbitantThey fear not having enough staff for the strong months of the season. “I don’t even have a resume, zero‘, saddens Florence Borgati, owner of La Maison d’Ibiza store in the center of Vila.

They hung a page on the window with the most repeated phrase ‘Staff required’ in most institutions. They did expansion work on the building a few weeks ago and they need one more clerk to handle the workload. “We are stuck here all day from 9am to 9pm because we are few in number,” he explains. They offer a full-time shift Monday through Saturday for six months with the possibility of an uncertain contract. “But it’s not worth it because The big problem is the high rental cost.‘ he assures.

In the same situation, there is Diana Mihalcea, who is responsible for two restaurants and a cafe-concert in Sant Antoni bay. In their case, they had to reduce their working hours due to lack of staff. Both restaurants have always served lunch and dinner. “Now We only do night shifts because we don’t have enough cooks.“, Explain. They offer 2,500 euros per month Who is taking on this role?

“It costs us much more to rent than other years,” he admits. They also need waiters. “We normally use a lot of English and most brexit put barriers to hiring. Many Argentines also come without documents and on the other hand there is a large percentage of inexperienced people,” he continues.

Regarding the latter, Alicia Reina, president of the Association of Hotel Managers (ADEH) in the Balearic Islands, recommends that the Employment Service (SOIB) train people who are unemployed in certain sectors. “This will ensure that we have qualified people and can introduce them to the labor market,” she states.

La Farándula restaurant in Sant Antoni also offers jobs for up to five people as a waiter, runner, bartender or DJ, and there are several obstacles it faces. First, accommodation. “There are people who send us their resumes and tell us when we’re being interviewed. they can’t find a place to live and they leave when their one-week stay in a hostel is over to look for accommodation,” says Carlos Miranda, manager of the resort. The second obstacle is no qualified personnel available. “For example, the bartender position is very complex and those who specialize in it have already been taken,” he complains.

From collecting dozens of resumes from past years since March to not having one in your bedroom in mid-May. The manager of a lingerie store in central Ibiza says he prefers not to reveal more about the place. “I’ve been here for nine years and I’ve never seen this in my life“We have a very worrisome problem between renting impossible and now the fact that anyone who wants to work can even choose where to do it,” he adds. to bill, We don’t know how to respond to demand“, Ditch.

Internet offers

These are just four of the hundreds of examples currently in existence. Entrepreneurs not only hang signs on the door to hire staff, but also offers for Whats upTelegram and web pages. Social networks also play a fundamental role in reaching employees.

For example, there are several groups on Facebook trying to attract professionals with the keywords ’employment in Ibiza’. Next to the phone number, one of the announcements that those interested should call reads: “Papered civil servants and laborers and a 20-hour course are requested.” “We are looking for a boy/girl with minimal cooking knowledge to work in a hamburger restaurant in Sant Antoni. It would be a summer job with all year opportunity. Five days a week, 40 hours and 1,600/1,800 Euros per month‘ another reads.

And as Mihalcea, owner of two restaurants, says, minimal knowledge is essential for certain positions, such as kitchen. “For others, you can still learn in a week,” she says.

“The multi-service company requires masonry from 9am to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday and 9am to 2pm on Friday,” writes one entrepreneur. “To work as a clerk at a tobacconist’s in the Platja d’en Bossa area, a person over the age of 23 with knowledge of English is needed, will be, and is responsible. It is essential to reside and have Ibiza all year round. A driver’s license will be valued,” he says.

Also, although they are in the minority, accommodationIt’s like a restaurant in Sant Carles looking for “experienced staff” to fill vacancies for cook, kitchen assistant, and waiter.

Y between too many offers, haste and the need to formalize contracts. There are many postings that do not even specify where the job is offered or the conditions for performing it. “Dishwasher/delivery attendant needed in the Cala de Bou area” is the only explanation. “The restaurant in Santa Eulària needs a waiter, preferably one who lives in the area and has the appropriate documentation and will only work at night,” says another.

infinity of offers It is repeated every day and according to the businessmen themselves does not seem to disappear over the summer.

Source: Informacion


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