How can a small business retain its customers like a large company?

According to David Lastra, technological marketing (or ‘martech’) is similar to the HAL 9000 machine in the 2001 movie A Space Odyssey, so it can be defined as technological tools used to control marketing. And it is because technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data and cloud computing are leading to an increase in the complexity of what we know until now as digital marketing and is increasingly framed within the concept of ‘martech’.

This increase in technologies that interfere with marketing requires new knowledge and new professional profiles that enable companies to stay competitive in the promotion in which they operate. David Lastra, director of ‘martech’ at Sngular, explains to us what it is, how SMBs can tap into its potential to improve their customers’ experience, and what are the areas and tools that characterize it.

Source: Informacion


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