Civil Guard predicts escalation of violence and clashes between youth gangs in Madrid

Civil Guard guesses “rise” violence He is among youth gangs in the Community of Madrid in the coming months, as CASO ABIERTO, the investigative and events channel of Prensa Ibérica, has learned. Sources consulted by these media anticipate “more clashes” between gang members and “more violent attacks” between the two main factions competing for neighborhoods south and east of the capital, and some Madrid towns in particular: Dominik Don’t Play (DDP) and Trinidadians.

“The trend has already confirmed that there has been a significant increase in the violence of these gangs in Madrid and Barcelona,” police sources said. One of the reasons to explain this phenomenon is “the proliferation of gangs in major urban centres. blood or Black Panther (also called panthers)” and other “small groups” born out of the heat of the four histories: Latin King, Ñetas, DDP and Trinidadians.

‘La Familia’, a NATO against DDP

These other gangs, more minorities, but with the support or annexation of one of the two major gangs, the DDP or Trinitarios, researchers have recently discovered a phenomenon that may “increase the risk” of more violent incidents: overthrowing the DDP known as the ‘Trinis’ They’ve been trying for years. ‘peco’ and despite their efforts they are still the largest group in Madrid. That’s why some leaders are promoted. “unions or pacts” With other related bands like the Bloods, only Joint fight against DDPthat is, Trinitarians use smaller gangs to try to impose themselves.

“It’s kind of between NATO youth gangs, but with one common mission: waging war on the DDP make unity strength“, a researcher explains to OPEN CASE. This relationship between gang members is new in Madrid, but not in Catalonia. In fact, it was born there, as they call themselves ‘La Familia’. finish them off Latin King.

Barcelona to Madrid

In Barcelona, ​​Trinitarios, Bloods, Pantera, Forty Two and Barrio 18 (the latter considered a less bloody Spanish division of the Salvadoran-based group. Mara Salvatrucha) banded together years ago to stop what they then saw as their common enemy.

Currently, ‘La Familia’ is weakened in the Catalan capital, but leaders of some groups are examining a possible situation. Guess this troop to Madrid to attack DDP‘, warns the same sources. But ‘la Familia’ in Madrid society is “not fully united and not very much”: in fact at the moment there is “no evidence that Barrio 18 exists in Madrid, so there is no evidence” I would be a part of it.”

dirty blood and clean blood

On the other hand, rise of divisions In Blood, after the Civil Guard arrested thirteen of its members, including national-level gang leaders, in October. ‘Operation Laya’triggered internal tensions and changed the organization of the group.

“After the supreme (leader) was exhausted, they created Two factions of Bloods those who do not know or accept each other, have different hierarchies, report to different bosses, and members of the oldest group consider the other’s. ‘dirty blood‘”. The Civil Guard fears this division is coming to an end. open conflict Among gang members of the same gang.

Younger and more radical

The researchers also detect a “faster and sustained growth over time” in the number of young people joining gangs. Additionally, the gang member’s profile has been drastically changed, now “younger and more radicalized”: no official figures, but in recent months “approximately half of the members were arrested minors or those who have just turned eighteen years of age to commit crimes using machetes, screwdrivers, hammers and other sharp-edged weapons”.

This week, the National Police arrested seven Trinidadians for the murder of an 18-year-old Dominik Don’t Play member in Villaverde (Madrid) on April 27.They’re all underage.

bloody and indiscriminate

The presence of “inexperienced” gang members in the ranks of all youth gangs “more bloody and indiscriminate attacks”. These are “kids who are attracted to the idea of ​​belonging to a group, the protection the gang gives them, and the opportunities to access alcohol, other drugs, and sex with group-affiliated girls,” meaning they “do”. They don’t have the same motivation as the top of the group, they don’t even respect their own code and that’s their criminal acts are more unpredictableIn short, they tend to carry out attacks using more and more unnecessary violence.

Mercedes González, the Government delegate in the Community of Madrid, has been in a meeting since the end of last year in February. “Crime escalation among violent gangs” and started a special plan to fight them. This Wednesday, González reported the fruits of the operation. Since February 10, State Security Forces and Bodies have arrested 438 gang members, identified 45,406 and confiscated 298 weapons.

Source: Informacion


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