The Unicaja Foundation decided this Thursday whether to accept the extension of the report on Medel’s eligibility

The Unicaja Foundation will hold an extraordinary board of trustees meeting this Thursday to decide whether the Anglo-Saxon law firm’s requests should be granted. baker mckenzie would put it on the table to be responsible for preparing The report that should explain whether Braulio Medel meets the eligibility conditions to continue as president. The foundation selected this Chicago-based law firm last week to offer the commission because of the refusal of Deloitte and Uría Menéndez (the first two options selected in that order at the time). As this paper found out, Baker Mckenzie’s response was positive despite conducting this study. He requested a period that would exceed the period determined by the Undersecretariat of Foundations.It is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

It should be noted that the maximum period granted by Patronage on March 24 is two months, period ends on May 24. The foundation’s patrons will have to decide today whether or not to admit it’s an extension. In any case, if the decision is positive It must also be accepted by the Undersecretariat of Foundations..

The meeting is expected to be very tense due to the possibility of allowing a meeting. this extension is strictly rejected by employers who criticize Medelwho still believes that he is the president of the Foundation after all this process will continue to delay his announced resignation trying to influence the appointment of the person who comes after him, even if not in the preparation of the report, thus ensuring the continuity of his strategies. In the letter he wrote last Holy Thursday, the head of the foundation stated that his resignation would become official regardless of the content and before the finalization of the report. Sources interviewed indicate that Medel may remain in office during this period as well.

Political demonstrations calling for the immediate dismissal of the Foundation’s chairman have doubled in recent days. Malaga mayor, Francis of the towerexpressed concern last Monday at the fact that Medel has yet to formalize her resignation, as she gives the impression that she too intends to “make time”. De la Torre also regretted that since Medel announced that he would step down as head of the Unicaja Foundation in mid-April, no attempt has been made by the institution’s bosses to bring in a new one. “We don’t have to wait for any special reports from more consultants to come in, as this prolongs a situation that is not good for Unicaja, which we are asking for,” the councilor said.

On behalf of the Presidency, the Minister of Public Administration and Interior and the Spokesperson of the Andalusian Government, Elijah Bendodoargued that it would be “highly recommended” that Medel’s departure occur “as soon as possible”, so that “such an important asset” could “return to normal”. “When someone says they’re leaving, it’s because they’re leaving, so we don’t understand the delay in making that resignation happen,” he added.

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