A three-day fire was extinguished on the coastal island of Putyatin.

Volunteers extinguished a large natural fire on Putyatina Island in the Primorsky Territory. This has been reported DEA News”.

Volunteer firefighters of the city of Fokino put out the fire. It was announced that the natural fire did not harm local residents.

A landscape natural fire started to spread from Shirokaya Bay along Startseva Hill. The fire started on Sunday, May 8th. Many photos of forests appeared on social networks, some of which were set on fire or already burned.

At this time, a special fire regime was introduced throughout the Primorsky Territory. Residents are prohibited from visiting forests, burning garbage and making fires.

The number of people who lost their homes due to fires in the Omsk region was learned earlier. grew up until 319. Financial assistance is provided to victims from municipal budgets. Each person was allocated 10,000 rubles from the regional budgets and another 25,000 rubles from the Omsk budget.

Source: Gazeta


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