Generalitat will loan 50 million to gas stations to finance 20 cents

general advice Valencia Institute of Finance Vicente Soler, Minister of Finance (IVF), approved this Wednesday the new line of subsidized financing IVF-Afin Energy Products that will allow access to service stations in the Community of Valencia. advance of up to one million euros so that they can meet 20 cents discount applied to fuels to compensate for the increase in prices.

The measure aims to prevent the treasury of these enterprises from being affected by necessity. advance on pocket This discount until customers receive compensation from the Tax Office.

Specifically, self-employed and SMEs operating in the sector can receive advance advances. Between 20,000 euros and one million euro, free of charge and with 0% interest rate to cover this bonus. To this end, the Ministry of Finance contributed €6.8 million to IVF to cover the financing costs and interest of the approved operations.

Total budget of this particular line for service stations 50 million € The maximum advance amount that each service station can receive will be calculated by taking into account the average monthly consumption of the said station in 2021.

The interest rate applied to these transactions will be 0% for the first 18 months. After this period, if the gas station wishes to continue the loan, the interest rate will be Euribor + 1.5% for a maximum of four years.

“Our aim is to 800 service stations Those who currently operate in the Community and meet the requirements for access to this line receive free assistance from Generalitat themselves, given that an approved measure to reduce the cost of consumer bills does not require more treasury voltages for gas stations. , drew attention to the Minister of Finance, who confirmed that the line will be operational and put into service in the coming days.

new headquarters

The General Council of the Institut Valencià de Finances, chaired by Minister Vicente Soler, met for the first time this Wednesday. new headquarters He is a member of this organization, located in the Palau dels Boïl d’Arenós on Calle Libreros de Valencia. During the meeting, the council members were able to visit the new facilities and IVF general manager Manuel Illueca gave information about the work done and the organization’s employees going to public transport. new building.

On the other hand, at the meeting held today, the IVF Director presented the IVF Plan for 2022-2026 Effective Equality between Men and Women, which has become a fundamental working tool for this institution and will contribute to its promotion. Effectively, the principle of gender equality in all policies is or will be implemented at various levels in this institution.

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