Nutritionist Ginzburg told why irritable bowel syndrome is dangerous

Dietitian, MD Mikhail Ginzburg said that irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be one of the symptoms of tumor development. writes about him URA.RU.

“Under the guise of all intestinal pains, some more serious intestinal diseases can also be hidden, from diarrhea to a tumor. This happens very often – and not just with irritated intestines, ”the doctor said.

With such symptoms, Ginzburg advised to consult a gastroenterologist and, after receiving a treatment plan, strictly follow it and regularly visit a specialist.

The doctor recalled that doctors most often associate IBS with malnutrition, lack of dietary fiber, stress and psychological state. Accordingly, not only a gastroenterologist, but also a psychologist can help with the treatment.

IBS is an intestinal disease accompanied by a number of symptoms – chronic abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating and problems with bowel movements without organic causes. The reasons for the development of pathology are still not well understood.

formerly in Ginzburg named dangerous substance in ice cream.

Source: Gazeta


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